How Savage Services Says Yes to New Customer Integrations

Global supply chain management and logistics company Savage Services is perpetually fielding integration requests from its customers. Learn how Savage is able to integrate any file format using Cleo's ecosystem integration platform and can always say yes to its customer needs.

Savage Services is a supply chain management/logistics company. We have 300 locations in the United States. We also work internationally in Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Canada. We work in really the logistics part of the supply chain management in all different places. Right now, we have about 120 integrations. I get about five requirements in my queue a week. The biggest thing with Cleo was allowing us to actually take any file format and be able to integrate it. We have so many different customers and different loadout files or different file types that we are getting that it allowed us to do whatever we wanted, and it was always being able to say yes. With Cleo, we can just do integrations a lot faster and we're getting more integrations and more requests, so people know that we can get them out. Sometimes customers they have data that they're not getting the value out of it that they want, so we're able to transform that data and give it to them in a way that they get value out of it. We also have customers that want to go on the integration perspective. They'll come to us and say, “How can we do that?” and they're reinventing their entire processes. We're constantly growing – there are always new systems, always new business, always new customers. Cleo support is always there for whatever questions we need. Anytime I need anything I know that I can reach out and they're right there making sure that all my needs are met.