Cleo's Managed Services

With company expansion comes increased pressure on IT to add new trading partners, systems, and applications to an already complex architecture. To offset rising complexity, costs, and extra strain on IT staff, businesses are turning to Cleo to outsource their daily B2B operations.

Outsource Your Integration using Cleo's Managed Services

Is your business stretched too thin to achieve your B2B managed file transfer and EDI requirements? With numerous transmission protocols and data formats to support, it can be challenging to maintain the skills required to master integration. There are so many different maps to maintain and partners to onboard, meanwhile the expectations of your B2B integration capabilities are getting steeper with tougher SLAs, more demanding business partners and business process digitization that requires additional forms of integration. Many integration infrastructures are just not ready to scale up. You may also find your company's saddled with complex sets of various and sometimes overlapping integration tools after having merged with or acquiring other companies. And, with new ERP and CRM implementations and upgrades, keeping your integration up to the level of service your company needs can be quite imposing. What if you could just outsource the whole B2B integration thing to experts who can run it and scale it for you in the cloud? Well, you can. The Cleo managed B2B cloud has been designed to enable you to outsource your B2B integration to the B2B integration experts while assuring the security, reliability and scalability. Cleo has been a leader for over four decades, helping companies of all sizes and industries around the globe to master the complexities of B2B integration. With Cleo, your B2B integration capabilities will expand to the most comprehensive list of communication protocols and data formats, so you can confidently say yes to new trading partner relationships while Cleo rapidly onboards them. You can also benefit from the numerous additional innovative clear inspirational solutions to better connect your applications, partners, on-premise systems, cloud applications, big data solutions and much more. Even better, this solution runs on the award-winning software that Cleo is famous for. If at any time you decide to bring the solution back in-house, you'll be joining thousands of other Cleo customers who run it that way. It's B2B integration, any way you want it. Whatever your integration needs, Cleo's experts are the white glove concierge support team that are here to ensure your success. Learn more about how the Cleo managed B2B cloud can help you meet your B2B integration needs.