In order to do business today, companies are exchanging large amounts of data while connecting to numerous systems and a variety of business and IT communities. It’s a complicated ecosystem that has to run 24/7. No wonder so many problems happen!

Managed File Transfer (MFT) Made Easy

This is your growing business. Each day, your company exchanges large amounts of data while connecting to numerous systems and a variety of business and IT communities. It's a complicated ecosystem that has to run 24/7, no wonder so many problems happen. Systems go down, data gets lost or delayed and the business is negatively impacted by lost orders and unhappy customers. The amount of data required to power your business today is staggering. Consider the impact on your company when that data stops flowing. Whether you are connecting your company systems to your business partners, are part of your company's big data initiative, or are simply trying to keep all of your internal systems connected, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep your data exchanges flowing. Companies must continually add more and more trading partners and communities to their business ecosystem, whether you are adding an external trading community related to a new line of business or connecting your internal community across various technology platforms and global locations, you are continually adding more and more potential failure points to your business. Companies tend to handle all this data and connection points with a variety of tools and systems that lack governance, reliability, visibility, security or interoperability. Since none of the tools are built to work together to provide and end visibility, governance, or reliability - companies are forced to put together various solutions to keep their business running. What if you had an enterprise class solution that allowed your business to grow while maintaining, complementing and replacing current infrastructure technologies? Cleo Harmony is the solution for you. Cleo Harmony is built to support the most demanding integration needs for your internal application to application or A2A integration as well as for your external B2B integration. High availability ensures your data exchanges are reliable via failover if a system goes down. And Cleo Harmony can connect a variety of internal and external systems in order to create an information hub that your organization can count on today and for years to come. Because Cleo has the widest array of support for secure communication protocols in the industry, you can say yes we got that covered when you are faced with new requirements. Cleo is a recognized leader when it comes to interoperability certification and has proven itself year after year with market leading protocols such as AS2. And with cleo your data is more secure. Our proxy architecture is included so there's no need to store data in the DMZ. You can add secure connections easily and safely without modifying your firewall, meaning there are fewer chances for errors. Cleo's visibility tools allow you to easily move view and act on your data. With dashboards to monitor your message flows, you'll quickly gain insights into system health the status of important transactions and much more to meet the needs of both IT and business users. With more than 35 years of experience and more than a hundred thousand proven and tested installations worldwide, Cleo can consolidate and streamline all of your company's file transfer processes regardless of the size or complexity of your managed file transfer needs. Let Cleo enable you to take control of your data integration needs and grow your business with move, view, act power.