Success Story: Jack Cooper Transport & Logistics


Jack Cooper Transport & Logistics has been moving vehicles across North America for nearly a century, but an aggressive acquisition strategy in recent years led to a duplication of systems and disparate mapping approaches. Learn how Jack Cooper uses Cleo as the "one-stop shop" for its data movement and EDI integration needs.

"If We Can't Move Files, We Can't Move Cars"

Jack Cooper - in a sentence - moves cars. We move them from the manufacturers to the dealers, mostly but also between rental car agencies .. but we, move cars. The challenge is that EDI is not a transportation industry focus.  We have a car - we need to know where this car is, where's the car going, why is the car going there, did the car get to the dealer? When you come to a product like Cleo that says okay, this is a file in, this is out, let's make the in data look like we want the out data to look and poof - everybody's happy!  Jack Cooper grew over the last several years and each of those companies that was purchased brought in their own platform and because they acquired pretty quickly, they ended up with four different FTP servers, and then some of it would get mapped this way and some another, so Cleo for us has been a way to bring everything to a one stop shop.  I've been working through our trading partners one at a time to say let's get this partner onto the Cleo platform and as I bring them on, the old system breaks less and Cleo doesn't break.  Cleo's software is invisible.  If I do my job right, nobody knows I've done a thing.  But if you take Cleo, if you take the work I've done out of the picture - we can't move files, we can't move cars and if we can't move cars, we're out of business.