Rejected Functional Acknowledgment Notifications

Hi everyone my name is Tracy Silverberg and I'm a product owner here at Cleo.

I'm really excited to be able to share with you a new innovation we have recently released within our Cleo Integration Cloud.

This Innovation gives our customers the ability to receive email notifications if and when their trading partners send a functional acknowledgment for a 997 with the rejected status.

Now we know the pain endured when you either miss or have a delayed reaction to a rejected document.

It is critical that you have the time and the actionable insights that enable you to react to these rejections so that you can quickly correct and resend.

Now this innovation will provide our customers with deepened and proactive visibility around these rejections so that they ensure SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance, therefore increasing trading partner scorecards, and most importantly, opening the door to more of those revenue-generating opportunities.

So, let's take a look at what this looks like within our Cleo integration Cloud.

Now, the first thing you must do is actually opt in to receiving these notifications if you're interested.

You can do so by logging into clear went to Cleo integration Cloud, navigating to your profile, and then selecting the notifications tab.

You'll just need to toggle the rejected FA's notification and make sure that you save.

Once you save, the system will start monitoring for those rejected functional acknowledgments.

So fast forward, and let's say that your training partner has rejected the document, you will receive an email with all the important data summarized.

This email will speed the training partner, the environment in which you receive the rejection. And, this is particularly helpful for our customers who have both a test and a production environment because, of course, anything in production needs immediate attention.

We also have a link here that will drop you into the Cleo Integration Cloud and give you a filtered view of all messages that have been rejected by your trading partners, and then last but not least, we have a link here that will send you directly into the impacted rejection.

Now from here, you've got your summary view just as you would any other document, right? So you have all of the information that you have configured within your message tile.

You can also opt into clicking within the original message, so you can see the raw data.

And then lastly, you have the view of your rejected 997 as well, so you can see where in the document and why that document was rejected.

And with that, that sums up our demo for today's new notifications for rejected 997 documents.

Thank you for tuning in, and as always, feel free to check out our Cleo Solution Center for additional information around this innovation and others.

Have a great day.