Cleo automates EDI processes to connect, transform, and route EDI and non-EDI document types between any internal and business partner application — without the need for custom code. Choose the industry's leading EDI vendor for your integration needs.

EDI with Cleo

Outdated and custom scripted EDI tools make integration an expensive, error-prone, and inflexible way to do business. And from XML to JSON, to spreadsheets and CSVs, the variety of data formats you're being required to handle today is exploding. Well you know the flow of EDI and non EDI data between your systems, applications, suppliers, partners and customers is the lifeblood of your business. Not having the right EDI solution leaves you with unreliable transactions, complex and slow onboarding, and falling short on key SLA commitments. What if you had a solution that could quickly transform and integrate all of your EDI processes, regardless of format? Cleo offers a powerful EDI engine that allows you to seamlessly map, transform, and integrate your data with a single solution. You can replace conventional EDI tools, accelerate trading partner onboarding, and power all EDI and non EDI transactions across systems and applications. And whether you deploy on-premise or in the cloud, you can accelerate your time to value and support rapidly scaling your business. See how Cleo can help you find the most complete and flexible way to integrate your EDI.