Cleo Integration Cloud – Persona-based Insight

No matter what business you’re in, Cleo Integration Cloud has you covered. Cleo seamlessly integrates all your ecosystem endpoints, allowing for frictionless dataflows and crystal-clear visibility, so you can surface the most impactful business insights. 

Cleo’s integration dashboards are designed to empower any and all users, regardless of role or persona. Cleo’s intuitive design provides content-rich, context-aware insights of all your business integrations, allowing you to interact, collaborate, and take immediate action on any end-to-end business process.

Assess the health of your integration operations in real-time. Find out what’s on track and what’s at risk, so you can respond with immediate action when necessary.

Drill deeper into technical data and compare message views if you need to troubleshoot an integration flow. 

But, Cleo also goes beyond technical insight, providing quick, intuitive intel across your entire integrated ecosystem — every partner, customer, supplier, and application at your fingertips. And when issues do occur? Pinpoint the “where”, “when”, and “why” for quick resolution. Or, get hands-on to fix any SLA violations — with Cleo’s customer support and integration experts standing by if you need help.

Cleo provides the only integration platform where you can personalize all your views —regardless of role, device, or location — giving you the exact, customized visibility you need, right when you need it.

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