Cleo Integration Cloud is a single, hybrid ecosystem integration platform available as a service in cloud and on-premise deployments.  Its flexible architecture lets you choose between self-service or managed service models, enabling you to connect, transform, integrate, orchestrate, and analyze end-to-end application, B2B, and data integrations for improved visibility across your business ecosystems. Cleo Integration Cloud empowers technical and business personas to make better decisions, create stronger relationships with your trading partners, drive business continuity and accelerate growth as integration requirements change.

No matter the integration, Cleo’s got you covered.

Ecosystem Integration is the Future

End-to-end data flows with your digital ecosystem of partners, suppliers and customers and are critical for optimal business results. As integrations grow complex, legacy approaches prove unreliable and brittle. Poorly handled integrations slow down your business and cost you millions of dollars, putting your business and valuable relationships at risk. Every ecosystem interaction, whether file or API based, using EDI or other proprietary formats, requires seamless end to end integration with your internal systems and processes. Without compromising data integrity or team productivity, you need the flexibility to connect to any ecosystem partner anywhere to thrive in hyper competitive environments. That's why we created Cleo Integration Cloud, a robust cloud-based ecosystem integration platform built for the age of digital transformation. With an intuitive console that's designed for both technical and business users, Cleo Integration Cloud simplifies the complexity of connecting and integrating your ecosystem to enable business agility, reduce your time to market, and enhance intelligent decision-making. Backed by over 8,000 customers and more than 1,500 available connections to trading partners, Cleo provides the industry's most complete and flexible integration solution. Quickly onboard new trading partners, meet partner SLA s and gain visibility into transactions to better manage your revenue streams, focusing your teams on delivering core business value, not on managing complex integrations. Cleo Integration Cloud - the most modern, frictionless way to power your digital ecosystem.