Cleo Integration Cloud – Creating an FTP Dataflow

Today we are going to look at how intuitive and easy it is to create an FTP file system data flow in Cleo Integration Cloud. 

We begin in the network tab and select endpoints. Here, we can add an endpoint. Select FTP and give your endpoint a name. 

You have multiple setup and configuration options: encryption mode, authentication type, host name, and user name. You have many attributes of your FTP connection to choose from, several security options, such as PGP and TLS options may be configured here as well. 

Next, we create our file system endpoints. Choose or create our access point, which is simply in the file server, where your lightweight, headless CIC agent is installed. 

Now you have access to the file system on that file server. Choose the folder you want the data flow to access and save your file system endpoints. Your endpoints are now ready to be used in a data flow.

From our integrations tab, we can access our data flows. Select add data flow to create. Here you can see all data flows that were created in the system. Simply select where the data is coming from, where the data is going to, save it, and then your endpoints are created and ready to be used. 

Let's drill down into a pre-existing data flow, called Demo Test 1. On the left, you see the selected FTP and on the right, the selected file system. Upon saving this data flow, an organization can start trading with trading partners.

Next, let's review how to monitor your transactions. From the activity pane, you can drill down into any job and get real-time visibility into all of the transactions between you and your partners. Select any transaction to see specific details.

Explore details in your source endpoint, your target endpoint, and data flows between those endpoints.

Access the payload and detailed logs related to what occurred during the transaction. Creating, monitoring, and drilling down into FTP transactions is intuitive with Cleo Integration Cloud. For more information, request a personalized Cleo Integration Cloud demo today.