How Barilla America Achieves 100% Uptime

When you're one of the world's leading producers of pasta, sauces, and other premium food products, any EDI downtime can have serious implications for your business relationships. Learn why Barilla America trusts Cleo to mitigate those risks.

Barilla is the largest pasta manufacturing company in the world. Around 98% of our business currently the business transactions of the trading partners are done through EDI. Cleo’s software has helped us achieve that-so that we can be connected with our partners all the time. We had a different communication software before Cleo and we had lot of downtime because of system outages that was directly affecting our business. Ever since we implemented Cleo, honestly I didn't have any single downtime. We have transactions coming in and out 24/7. Availability of the software and the reliability is extremely important and Cleo's helped us achieve it. We here recently were migrating to the new platform to a new server, and when we were installing it I found that the migrating from the old trading partners to the new trading partners was very easy to the new system. We didn't have any problem in the migration-there was nothing complicated it was very simple and easy. Their tech support team had gone over and beyond in reaching out to us and to our network administrators helping them resolve the issue even if it's with a firewall problem and things like that. Everything is passing through Cleo's EDI integration software, so if that goes down it directly affects our business- so if Cleo is gone, it's a huge risk. I have built a trust to the company as well as the product so that is not an easy thing. I would highly recommend to anybody to buy this product. We can't run our business without the Cleo software at the moment, that's how it is now.