Why Cleo has Been Instrumental in Allen Lund Company's Growth

Discover how the Allen Lund Company leverages Cleo solutions to grow its transportation, logistics brokerage, and software business.

Allen Lund Company is a logistics brokerage company (as well as now a software provider). We have this new product Alchemy TMS - it's really starting to gain traction and Cleo's been a great partner in helping to grow that business. When we started with Cleo, it was for a need for us to be able to do AS2. We didn't think there was much that we were going to be doing with it other than just connecting with a couple of the bigger trading partners and that would be it. In the last maybe five, six years, it's gone from being 10 connections to now pushing over 200 connections and probably on track to do closer to 400. We're looking to provide more information to our customers, we like the ability in the Cleo product for them to be able to log in to see their EDI platform data. We find a lot of customers that we signed; their IT departments don't have enough resources to help implement things and once we do get that stuff implemented (EDI-wise, AS2, whatever) - they're asking questions like: what is the order look like this? why did the load go out like this? Those are questions that Cleo can answer for them without coming to us, without opening a ticket. Cleo has really been instrumental in helping us grow and just the way that the system has been able to grow with us, it's kind of astonishing that you would buy a product like Cleo and expect it to have 10, maybe 20 connections and now we're looking at having over 400 connections on it. It's been one of the better products that I've ever purchased, for sure.