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Atkins Nutritionals
We have transactions coming in and out 24/7. Availability of the software and the reliability is extremely important and Cleo's helped us achieve it.
Suma George
Barilla America, Inc., IT Applications Competency Center Manager

Benefits of Cleo Integration Cloud

Automate business processes
Automate end-to-end business processes

Configure and orchestrate business and application data integration flows

Save time and money on integration processes
Rapidly onboard new ecosystem trading partners

Speed your time to value with pre-configured integration templates and available integration experts

Leverage an API-based customer self-service portal
Fully Modernize Your EDI

Gain the advantage of any-to-any transformation that goes beyond EDI

Protocol flexibility and depth for every industry

Cleo Integration Cloud provides you with over 20 secure protocol connectors, enabling resilient integration across your data infrastructure and document flows for frictionless end-to-end business processes. 

AS2 | AS3 | AS4 ebMS 2.0 (ebXML Messaging Service) FTP | FTPs | SFTP HTTP | HTTPs File Acceleration MLLP EBICS Rosettanet (RNIF) OFTP | OFTP2 SMTP | SMTPs Web Services And more.

Add new connections 3X faster

Power your business ecosystem with the industry’s leading unified commerce solution. Rapidly deploy, configure, and connect with Atkins Nutritionals to efficiently start exchanging data in minutes. 

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Common X12 and EDIFACT EDI document exchanges

IDEDIFACTTransaction Set TitleSeries
210Motor Carrier Freight Details and InvoiceTransportation
214Transportation Carrier Shipment Status MessageTransportation
215Motor Carrier Pick-up ManifestTransportation
990Response to Load TenderTransportation

EDI Success Kits

To help you understand the direction your business is headed and what you need to get there, we’ve compiled a list of assets to inform your EDI journey. Each EDI Success Kit outlines common EDI challenges and provides guidance for your organization on how to improve EDI processes, fill in any capability gaps, and enable end-to-end automation.

Gain instant access to all of these EDI success kits:

  1. B2B + EDI Orchestration and Optimization
  2. Current EDI Software and Infrastructure Evaluation
  3. EDI Automation
  4. EDI Compliance
  5. EDI Outsourcing
  6. EDI Modernization

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Atkins Nutritionals

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Transform how you connect and collaborate. 

Broaden your ecosystem with enhanced integration capabilities. Streamline revenue-generating business processes and interconnect your ecosystem of trading partners, applications, and data.

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Rich application, B2B, and infrastructure connectors for every integration requirement

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