Secure file exchange is a necessity in the enterprise, but there are many inherent risks without the right solution in place.
File Sharing Security Risks & Tips on Secure File Exchange
Blockchain, MFT as a utility, and IoT digital twins are some of the latest technology trends on tap for 2019.
Top 3 New Business Trends of 2019 You Need to Know About
Cleo Financial Systems Integration

Modern Integration Powers Open Banking

Thu, 12/20/2018 - 17:16
4 Reasons Your Organization Should Migrate Off the VAN
4 Reasons Your Organization Should Migrate Off the VAN
How to Send Large Files from Business Systems
Tips for Businesses Wondering How to Send Large Files
The need for proactive governance mechanisms on accelerated transfers, as well as common file transfers, remains.
Governance Still Drives Prioritized MFT and File Acceleration
Industries like financial services, healthcare, & telecommunications can benefit from file acceleration and prioritized managed file transfer (MFT).
When High-Speed File Acceleration Enables the ‘Just in Time’ World
Prioritized managed file transfer (MFT) is not just about accelerated file transfer; it’s about accelerated file transfer that is fully governed from end to end.
Companies Get the Whole Package with Prioritized Managed File Transfer
Collection 18 gained an automated, single-platform MFT solution that consolidated its B2B e-commerce solutions.
Collection 18 Drives Growth Through Modern B2B E-Commerce Solutions