Balance old and new technologies, as well as old and new approaches, with integration.
The High-Wire Balancing Act of Supporting Changing Data Needs
Business transformation is ramping up, fast. Enterprises must embrace digital trends and choose the right enterprise integration platform to improve business outcomes.
Why Modern Business Requires an Enterprise Integration Platform
Forward-thinking enterprises are establishing digital ecosystems to build connections, drive transformation, and improve business outcomes.
Why Digital Ecosystems are Driving Digital Transformation
Disruption is about recognizing norms, subverting them, and creating a new business model that challenges what is expected in any given market.
Think Tank: What You Need to Know About Disruption
Cleo’s 2019 State of Ecosystem and Application Integration Report surveyed organizations’ digital transformation journeys to uncover legacy modernization trends.
Legacy Modernization Trends to Watch in 2019
How three major failures sent a one-time retail king spinning into the depths of irrelevance. This is the story of the downfall of Sears.
The Slow Burn of Digital Transformation and the Downfall of Sears
Measuring the Value of Your iPaaS in Ecosystems
Measuring the Value of Your iPaaS in Ecosystems
ERP and application integration challenges
Solving 6 Common Challenges of ERP and Application Integration