Business ecosystem participants include partners, suppliers, and customers interacting with technology, data, and commerce, and people.
5 Lessons Business Ecosystems Can Teach You About Integration
Apple Card is a new kind of credit card designed to help users make more informed choices and be their best financial selves.
Apple ‘Thinks Different’ About Ecosystems with Unveiling of Apple Card, Apple Arcade
Evolution of devices from typewriter to laptop to a modern tablet
Business Ecosystem Evolution Needs a Platform
Red tape doesn’t stifle innovation, but it does slow it down. Ecosystem integration is one way for businesses to quickly cut through red tape to bring innovation into reality more quickly. Red tape risk as a bureaucratic problem as employees running and falling in bureaucracy and regulations as a business concept and symbol of government gridlock distress or corporate regulatory confusion.
​​​​​​​Hypertubes, Red Tape, and Ecosystems: Getting Innovation into Existence
What do Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have to do with today’s digital business landscape? It’s all about connections.
Why the Love Language of Modern Enterprises is Ecosystem Integration
Enterprises are shifting focus to their business ecosystem to ensure seamless exchange of business data with trading partners, services, and SaaS applications.
Understanding the Value of Your Business Ecosystem
Forward-thinking enterprises are establishing digital ecosystems to build connections, drive transformation, and improve business outcomes.
Why Digital Ecosystems are Driving Digital Transformation
Cleo’s Best Integration Blogs of 2018, Part 2
Digitally Transforming and Integrating Applications: Cleo’s Best Integration Blogs of 2018, Part 2
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Connecting Ecosystems, Driving Business Value, and Saying ‘Yes’ to Any Customer