Connect to Trading Partners
Trading Partner Network

Connect your business.
Electrify your ecosystem.

Eliminate time-consuming onboarding processes, improve ROI, and speed your time to market. Cleo is the trusted leader in solutions to help your business connect to trading partner networks in every industry.

Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming onboarding processes

less work

Eliminate 80% of the work needed in connecting a new trading partner.


We support over 20 secure network communication protocols.


Take advantage of 3X speed in time to value.


Take the pain out of trading partner management with full control when you want it


Gain complete visibility over your information supply chain with reporting, dashboards, and business intelligence


Instrument and provision APIs to automate programmatic integration flows


Cleo helps you quickly connect to thousands of trading partners and business networks so you can rapidly and securely establish end-to-end information flows vital to growing and maintaining your business ecosystem. Ready to get started?

Automate and govern end-to-end business processes

Connect to thousands of businesses.

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