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Network Notification

When a fax system
is a complete engagement platform.

How would your business benefit if could simplify fax workflows and better reach your important audiences, all from a single platform? A secure network fax and interactive communications solution supports modern document management with security, auditability, and automation built right in. It also helps you interact with patients, staffers, work crews, and other important groups via interactive voice, email, and text messages.

Create a centralized communications platform

Eliminate the need for stand-alone analog fax machines and phone lines for hard-copy faxing to streamline and automate critical fax processes


Messaging capabilities support automated phone, text, email, and fax communications that improve workflow processes for multiple use cases


Use existing IT to integrate with MFDs and authentication systems to enable automated messaging with back-end applications and databases

Cleo Streem is an extremely useful tool. The more we use it, the more we find other alternative uses and benefits.

Cleo Customer

Pennsylvania House of Representatives, IT Specialist


Meet encryption standards, restrict access, control fax destinations, and prove an audit trail for regulatory compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, and more

  • Remote health device reminder notices

  • Emergency response team communication

  • Doctor appointment reminders and office closure calls

  • Outstanding bill reminder calls

More Healthcare Use Cases

Meet healthcare encryption standards and prove an audit trail for regulatory compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, SOX

Fax right from the desktop, or, integrate into existing network infrastructure to leverage back-end systems, network printers, and copiers

  • City and community-wide alerts

  • Work crew coordination

  • Constituent outreach and interactive surveys

  • Automate staff callout for crew assembly

More Government Use Cases

Fax solutions for government

Reduce expenses associated with analog phone lines, paper, toner, and maintaining stand-alone machines while improving sustainability initiatives

  • School, campus, and district-wide alerts

  • Securely share student records and other sensitive documents

  • Deliver interactive surveys to students, parents, and staff

  • Quickly distribute notifications on school closures and special events

More Education Use Cases

Education network notification solution
Network notification with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud simplifies the distribution, receiving, processing, and storing of mission-critical information.

Security and compliance

Fully-encrypted fax and messaging workflows that enable FIPS, HIPAA, FERPA, and SOX compliance


Remove single-function solutions and risks caused by manual errors


Seamlessly integrate with existing MFDs & authentication systems


Enable automated fax and messaging with back-end ERPs, EMRs and databases


Reduce costs associated with maintenance, hard-copy faxing and phone lines