Easily exchange all file types and sizes, from anywhere

In today’s business, people need to share all types and sizes of files with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers. Too many business users use non-sanctioned, consumer-grade enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) tools to share company files, mixing them with personal data and taking them outside the corporate firewall. This prevents the ability to track, much less control proprietary business data. Many businesses have responded by attempting to block access to consumer tools at the corporate firewall, yet more and more rogue consumer-grade EFSS file shares spawn countless URLs and an endless game of cat and mouse.

Forward-thinking companies provide their teams with the tools they need to be address all their business use cases while remaining in control of company data, prevent data losses, and preclude security breaches. What if you had a secure file sharing solution that could keep you in control of that data and also seamlessly integrate with your application integration and B2B file gateway solutions for a comprehensive data strategy?

Who can you trust?


Two-thirds of exiting employees acknowledged taking company data from their former employer to help them leverage a new job.

Source: Washington Post

Benefits of the Cleo Integration Suite

The Cleo Integration Suite offers secure file sharing solutions that can operate independently or in conjunction with Cleo’s proven secure managed file transfer and enterprise B2B integration solutions. This means companies can deploy a single environment for people‐centric and system‐centric processes, integrating internal and external EFSS workflows with the MFT applications and systems that process some of those files. Enabling secure file sharing, secure messaging, and secure managed file transfer to operate from a single platform — with a single access point for all of your data flows — frees up IT departments tediously managing these tasks and positions an organization for future growth.

File sharing that’s both sexy and secure

How can Cleo help?

A top-tier secure file transfer solution will:

  • Allow any type or size file to be easily exchanged, from the desktop or on the go
  • Allow data storage on premise or in public or private clouds
  • Offer a full audit trail of all file transfer activity
  • Allow granular folder permissions for advanced access control
  • Provide business users with easily accessible and easy-to-use software
  • Share files securely without re-configuring firewall settings
  • Scale to meet enterprise-wide requirements with fail-safe redundant architecture

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