eCommerce Integration
Keep your digital store
Open for business.

The better your digital store, inventory management system, and 3PLs can communicate with each other, the higher your ecommerce revenues can soar: new business, new channels, new paradigms.

Enable eCommerce sales. Faster.
Streamline the flow of data
Ensure consistently high performing online business flows by consolidating EDI and application integration on a single platform
Accelerate integration processes

Streamline end-to-end data lifecycles by automating data transformation, orchestration and movement processes for all omnichannel sales

Get connected quicker

Rapidly connect your internal systems  with over 1,500 available secure connections to the most influential partners and applications

Cleo supports all of our B2B and EDI communication needs from a single platform, and this powerful technology undoubtedly streamlines workflows and improves business efficiency for our growing brand.

Viji Thomas

Collection 18, EDI Coordinator

Connect your store

• Seamlessly Integrate between your ecommerce storefront, your business partners, suppliers and your back office systems and other cloud applications

• Create seamless and reliable end-to-end business processes that improve inventory accuracy

• Satisfy your customers with transparent inventory views and secure data transactions


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Drive online sales

• Consolidate integrations to streamline operational flows across your entire eCommerce value chain

• Automate workflow orchestration and event-based execution for all orders, returns, and customer communication workflows

• Scale to handle seasonality and transactional peaks

• Accelerate dataflows to and from business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications for business operations optimization

Simplify connectivity and integration requirements

• Access a library of highly secure communications protocols

• Accept any data format with an any-to-any data transformation engine

• API portal to enable you and your customers on-demand self-service

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eCommerce Integration with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud centralizes and automates integrations to accelerate data transactions between all internal and partner systems, allowing end-to-end control and visibility.

Single platform

Centralize all integrations to ensure rapid data movement and synchronization


Seamlessly integrate data from mobile platforms into your digital business ecosystem to secure new lines of revenue and deepen customer intimacy


Leverage an elastic infrastructure to easily enable new business processes


Secure data in motion and at rest for compliance with local, state, and federal mandates, including PCI DSS, SOX, and Basel II


Facilitate real-time integration that immediately allows insights on customer conversion and satisfaction