Integration Connectors

Connect using
the OFTP protocol.

B2B/EDI integration, data, and infrastructure connectors.

Cleo’s deep protocol flexibility enables robust B2B/EDI connection and integration capabilities, giving your business a competitive advantage in nearly any industry and at nearly any scale. Whether it's upgrading your SFTP clients or simply connecting with a remote file system, Cleo has you covered.

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File Transfer Protocol Comparisons
Cleo’s OFTP and OFTP2 File Transfer Protocols

Odette File Transfer Protocols

OFTP/OFTP2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol/2): Established by Odette, the European automotive standards body, OFTP is the most prolific protocol inside Europe for the exchange of EDI data, particularly for the automotive industry, and was initially designed to work over an X.25 network. OFTP2 is an advanced version of OFTP that’s mainly intended for secure data exchange over the Internet, where security is enhanced by the use of encryption methods and digital certificates.

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