Large File Transfer

Speed and security,
No matter the prefix.

When “terabytes” are part of your business vocabulary, can "exabytes" be far behind? To future-proof your business infrastructure against ever-increasing data volumes, Cleo provides the acceleration technologies to add velocity to large file transfers—no matter the ecosystem condition or requirement.

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Accelerate mission-critical data 345% faster than competing solutions

Robust data movement
Move data of any size or volume

Guarantee delivery without risking transfer latency, data integrity or connection loss

File Encryption
Secure all data movement

Secure priority transfers or sensitive data and files with mutually authenticated connections and encryption

Access real-time data visibility
End-to-end data visibility

Maintain SLA compliance with real-time views of all data exchanges

Without Cleo, AT&T would have had firewall issues, vendor protocol and encryption incompatibilities, and design process difficulties. The Cleo solution is extremely robust and positions us well for future growth.Cleo Integration Cloud is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry.

Robert Breivogel
IT Project Manager
Ecosystem Integration Combines Integration Technology with Persona-based Insights
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Large File Transfers Moving Across Your Ecosystem

Business leaders require assurance that the data driving business revenue runs smoothly and securely throughout their digital ecosystem.

Ecosystem integration gives you peace of mind knowing your data-- no matter how much of it there is-- rapidly gets where it needs to go.


Dependable delivery

• Checkpoint restart to avoid starting over

• Eliminate risk of data packet loss or transfer errors

• Track all data with end-to-end governance and real-time visibility

Eliminate risk of data packet loss or transfer errors

No-limits file transfer

• Move data, of any size, from any source, to any target

• Reduce transfer times from days to hours or minutes

• Secure data with a vast array of industry-leading protocols

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No-limits file transfer

Optimize ROI

• Eliminate the cost and risk of shipping hard drives

• Remove penalties associated with SLA or mandate non-compliance

• Speed your time to value with the industry’s fastest data acceleration technology

Optimize ROI and remove penalties associated with SLA or mandate non-compliance

Strengthen business operations

• Deliver data on-time and according to business requirements

• Improve operational flows between business ecosystems

• Increase timely decision-making and more dynamic collaboration

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Deliver data on-time and according to business requirements

User Review: Lipari Foods

"Cleo has allowed us to run our business and move data upstream and downstream effectively."

Michael Hegarty, Director of IT   |   Lipari Foods

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Large File Transfer with Cleo Integration Cloud


Connect multiple internal and external data sources with a firewall-friendly protocol

Limitless capacity

Zero limitation on dataset or file sizes. Transfer data regardless of volume or distance.

Secure encryption

Utilize modern encryption cyphers with key-based authentication

Maximize bandwidth

Leverage parallel TCP to reduce limitations on network speeds

Reliable delivery

Incorporate checkpoint restart capabilities to keep transfers moving after network distruptions


Provides visibility and reduces risk of SLA and mandate violations