EDI Systems Modernization

Glide past the competition
with modernized EDI.

Legacy EDI systems are expensive to maintain, complicated to use, and prone to data processing errors. With Cleo, you can fully modernize your EDI integrations to remove complexity, automate processes, and drive business agility. Unlock new revenue streams and improve performance with modernized B2B/EDI, application, and data integration capabilities that strengthen your multi-enterprise ecosystem.

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Improve business operations and service quality to key business stakeholders

Save time and money on integration processes
More control - faster outcomes

Consolidate legacy integration systems to streamline EDI, and centralize control and visibility


Ensure fluid data processes
Fluid end-to-end processes

Orchestrate seamless end-to-end business processes for integration across your ecosystem of EDI partners and business applications

Modernize IT systems
Intelligently expand your ecosystem

Rapidly onboard new partners and applications, and easily manage and maintain your trading partner community and evolving business requirements

Cleo integrates with much of our homegrown environment, and equips O’Rourke with a modern platform to build the strong customer and partner relationships that define our business.

Ben Sanders
VP of Technology
O’Rourke Sales Company

Reduce integration complexity

• Easily create seamless end-to-end data flows

• Automate new application and partner onboarding

• Increase business transaction volume without disruption

How to Modernize Processes

Accelerate partner onboarding
Ecosystem Integration Combines Integration Technology with Persona-based Insights
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Remaster Your Ecosystem with EDI Modernization

Legacy EDI solutions are expensive... draining time, resources and personnel. A modern EDI solution removes complexity from your ecosystem and points the way forward.

EDI modernization gives your enterprise the agility it needs to remain competitive in today's disruptive business climate.


Unify EDI and Application Integration

• Futureproof your EDI integration

• Tie in ERP, CRM, e-commerce and marketplace apps

• Unify integration views across partners and applications

EDI and application integration correlation on a single platform

User Review: KeHE Distributors

"We wanted best in class encryption and ease of use for our EDI transactions, and Cleo gives us that."

Adam Rechkemmer, Service Administrator   |   KeHE Distributors

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Modern EDI insights

• Access real-time operational visibility across all data transactions

• Deliverable actionable data views and insight regardless of role

• Filter and tailor views for instant operational EDI intelligence

Real-time insight for trading partner EDI

Optimize EDI to drive 10X ROI

• Eliminate costly on-premise infrastructure and system maintenance costs

• Deliver integration reliablity to remove risk of costly EDI chargebacks 

• Focus your teams on business not integration errors

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Accelerate EDI issue resolution for higher solution ROI

IT Systems Modernization with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud brings centralized management and visibility to all integration processes, making it easier to onboard new applications and partners, and improve end-to-end operational flows.

End-to-end integration

Seamless process to quickly connect,  transform, and orchestrat processes between your ecosystem of partners and applications

Control and visibility

Monitor and manage in real-time all data exchanges moving through your integration environment

Hybrid platform

Deploy and manage seamless integrations in both on-premise and cloud environments

DevOps enabled

Support containerization, API-driven configuration, push button deployment and embeddability

Cloud migration

Eliminate complexity and outsource your EDI data and integration processes to a secure cloud environment 

Partner onboarding

Accelerate trading partner onboarding processes through automated reuse of project templates and maps


Enable agile community management to reduce risk of costly partner SLA and compliance violations