IT Modernization with Cleo integration Cloud

IT Systems Modernization

Gliding past your competition
requires the sharpest blades.

Legacy IT systems can be expensive to maintain, complex and complicated to use, and prone to data processing errors. Let Cleo show you how to drive business agility, unlock revenue streams, and improve customer experience with modernized B2B/EDI, application, big data, and trading partner integration capabilities.

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Improve business operations and service quality to key business stakeholders
Ensure fluid data processes

Fluid end-to-end processes

Seamless end-to-end data integration, transformation, and orchestration between your ecosystem, internal systems, and cloud applications

Save time and money on integration processes

More control - faster outcomes

Consolidate integrations for streamlined data flows and centralized control and visibility


Modernize IT systems

Worry-free growth

Rapidly onboard, manage, and maintain any number of new partners and applications, and easily handle data -- regardless of type or size

Cleo integrates with much of our homegrown environment, and equips O’Rourke with a modern platform to build the strong customer and partner relationships that define our business.

Ben Sanders

O’Rourke Sales Company, VP of Technology

Reduce integration complexity

• Easily create seamless end-to-end data flows

• Automate new application and partner onboarding

• Increase business transaction volume without disruption

How to Modernize Processes

Easily create seamless end-to-end data flows

Accelerate new business opportunities

• Accept and process any data type, size or volume

• Easily handle data processing peaks

• Scale integrations to quickly meet new use cases or partner requirements

Scale integrations to quickly meet new use cases or partner requirements

Improve TCO and ROI

• Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs

• Remove risk of costly SLA or mandate non-compliance penalties

• Focus resources on value driving initiatives, not managing complex integrations

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Improve TCO and ROI

Improve decision making with valuable insights

• Access real-time visibility to all data transactions

• Decrease time for error resolution time with automated alerts

• Enable business analytics tools through rapid data lake ingestion

Enable business analytics tools through rapid data lake ingestion

IT Systems Modernization with Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud brings centralized management and visibility to all integration processes, making it easier to onboard new applications and partners, and improving end-to-end operational flows.

End-to-end integration

Seamless process for connecting,  transforming, and orchestrating data between your enterprise and digital ecosystems

Control and visibility

Monitor and manage in real-time all data exchanges moving through your business

Hybrid platform

Deploy and manage integrations in both on-premise and cloud environments

DevOps enabled

Enable best-in-class infrastructure and advanced DevOps management

Cloud migration

Easily move data and integration processes between on-premise systems and a secure cloud environment

Partner onboarding

Accelerate onboarding processes through automated reuse of project templates


Reduces risk of costly SLA and mandate violations