EDI Systems Consolidation

Centralize your EDI integration.
Free your data.

Multiple business partners means multiple business requirements. The last thing you need are brittle and disparate integration silos that are opaque, inflexible and slow your time to value. With Cleo, you can centralize and consolidate your EDI integration to regain control, improve agility, and enable powerful business visibility across your ecosystem.

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IT Systems Consolidation

A single platform to connect, automate, and easily control seamless EDI integration processes

Simplify connectivity and integration
Modernize your integration

Eliminate outmoded legacy solutions to streamline data flows, centralize control and optimize visibility

Ensure fluid data processes
Unify siloed EDI data processes

Streamline end-to-end EDI connectivity, data transformation, and process orchestration to a single integration platform

Use existing IT to integrate with MFDs and authentication systems
Rapidly expand your ecosystem

Accelerate onboarding new customers, suppliers, partners and applications

Pretty much 100% of what Excelled does flows through Cleo and has been for years. Whatever integration our company needs, internally and externally through our B2B partners, we figure out a way to do it using Cleo. It’s just a great data transmission tool, it is super stable, and it completely supports our business needs.

Enrico Bozzetti
IT Director
Ecosystem Integration Combines Integration Technology with Persona-based Insights
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EDI Consolidation to Streamline Your Ecosystem

Using multiple EDI providers over-complicates an already dynamic digital world. EDI should enhance your digital ecosystem, not bog it down.

Consolidating your disparate EDI solutions gives your business the power of ONE platform to communicate with ALL of your trading partners.


Accelerate Business Reach

• Activate e-commerce, modernize your ERP, and upgrade integration to ensure the success of your business strategy

• Automate EDI onboarding processes to take on new ecosystem trading partners faster

• Accelerate seamless end-to-end EDI integrations between your multi-enterprise ecosystem and internal systems

Connect and integrate your ecosystem of trading partners, applications, and data.

Break Down EDI Barriers

• Eliminate downtime, bottlenecks, and missed SLAs by centralizing integrations

• Consolidate FTP servers, modernize homegrown EDI, and regain visibility across your integrations

• Leverage a single solution to create fluid EDI business processes to drive revenue

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Cleo data integration software facilitates your ability to offer compelling integration experiences

User Review: KeHE Distributors

"We wanted best in class encryption and ease of use for our EDI transactions, and Cleo gives us that."

Adam Rechkemmer, Service Administrator   |   KeHE Distributors

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Ensure EDI Integration Integrity

• Unify your integration for real-time visibility and insight across all transactions

• Remove risk of costly EDI chargebacks and non-compliance with partner SLAS 

• Decrease the time to error resolution through collaborative exception managment

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Take a no code approach to dynamically managing your business’ runtime data integration environment

IT System Consolidation with Cleo Integration Cloud


Consolidate EDI integrations and streamline data transformation, orchestration and secure data movement processes


Ensure all EDI and application data is controlled and trackable through real-time operational dashboards that provide insight for every user


Gain integration that can adapt to meet evolving partner connections, core business system, and cloud application requirement


Orchestrate, operate and optimize your EDI to eliminate time consuming and costly manual integration processes