Integration for SaaS Companies 

Cleo solutions power your cloud service offering, ensuring your ability to rapidly, securely, and reliably deliver new software versions, solution upsells, and security updates, along with increased service and value to your customer base. Gain the performance and uptime you need to agilely adapt to ever-evolving business demands.

Benefits for SaaS Companies

Carrier-Grade scalability
99.999% Uptime

• Superior solution performance to meet SLA metrics surrounding 24/7 business continuity

• Keep your data flowing with a database-independent architecture for highly available and highly scalable cloud-based services

Simplify the complex network of business information end-points
20+ Protocols

• Rapidly connect new customers the way they want to connect to your service

• Support over 20 secure communications protocols, including AS2, AS3, FTP/SFTP, and HTTPs

Delivery of data, in any format and size
Streamlined Integration

• Consolidate and modernize data movement and integration to a single platform, and eliminate inefficiencies in the way you handle data

• Enable any-to-any data transformation to support all customer data integration requirements

The Cleo solutions delivered the security and reliability necessary to successfully support a global supply chain management operation. Cleo’s single-platform technology enables JDA and its dynamic customer base to manage their supply chain services now and into the future.

John Frazier
Vice President, Cloud Services
JDA Software

Embedded Integration

Embed a powerful data movement engine into to your SaaS offering to connect your customers and provide seamless data movement across your ecosystem. Flexibly connect on-premises infrastructure with cloud applications, and power services requiring the hybridization of data.

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Embedded Integration

Extend Your Integration

Support dynamic business integration scenarios and extend your capabilities for B2B, application, data, and file-based integration. Lever the versatility of robust file transfer and data transformation on a single platform to handle any data requirement that’s optimized for SaaS.

Support dynamic business integration scenarios

Enable Visibility

Customer data can never be a question mark. Gain optimal end-to-end data transparency at every transactional stage, across every connection, and along every business process with deep visibility and reporting over all the data moving across your ecosystem.

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Data visibility

Speed Your Integration

Enjoy quick deployment, automated trading partner configuration, and a growing library of preconfigured business ecosystem connections to speed your time to market, shorten the time to revenue, and deliver a faster ROI.

Speed Your Integration