Integration Software for Data Services Companies

To succeed, data-centric services organizations require powerful integration that can power their cloud service platforms. Cleo has you covered with agile connectivity solutions offering real-time visibility, monitoring, centralized control, and seamless movement and integration of all your data.

Benefits for Data Services Companies

Carrier-Grade scalability
Rapidly Scale

• Rapidly onboard new trading partners and customers to quickly expand your connections and start doing business faster

• Flexibly connect with an extensive library of protocols and accepted data formats that include AS2, AS4, SFTP, XML, JSON, and EDI

Simplify the complex network of business information end-points
Eliminate Data Black Holes

• Enrich business outcomes for your customers with data flow intelligence and insight

• Simplify the complex network of business information end-points end-to-end business process visibility, monitoring, reporting, and auditability


Delivery of data, in any format and size
Promote Real-Time Action

• Customer SLAs — with file delivery and responses measured in milliseconds — is a metric real-time action

• Shorten response times and accelerate resolutions with real-time view into data flows, customizable alert notifications, and precise error identification

The Cleo Integration Cloud enables nVision Global to meet each of our customers’ unique product and service needs via premium enterprise-wide supply chain solutions. A strategic partnership with Cleo helps ensure our commitment to excellence in providing intelligent and efficient services around the world.

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nVision Global Technology Solutions

Realize 100% Data Integrity

Automatic restart and error correction guarantees the delivery of data to and from your customers. Ensure the integrity of business critical information with 100% deliverability and optimal transfer speed regardless of network conditions.

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Data Integrity

Deploy Anywhere

Connect enterprise applications and cloud services for true hybrid integration. Flexibly integrate on-premise infrastructure with cloud architectures to build essential ground-to-cloud connectivity, alongside cloud-to-cloud topographies.

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Flexibly integrate on-premise infrastructure with cloud architectures

Move Massive Amounts of Data

Move any and all mission-critical data faster and with incredible efficiency using streaming or batch transfer of large files and aggregate datasets. Software-based file acceleration allows the fastest data movement capability ensures your cloud is primed for data readiness.

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Move Massive Amounts of Data