Brick and Mortar

As traditional retail models are being reshaped, a superior ability to connect your business and integrate data is forming new pathways to growth. And as more and more your customers change the way they shop, you need to respond with rapid adaptation and agility.

Brick and mortar integration

Benefits for brick-and-mortar retailers

Delivery of data, in any format and size
Speed to revenue

• Rapidly connect new customers, suppliers, and retail partners

• Quickly integrate trading networks, application, and eCommerce portal for faster revenue generation

Access real-time data visibility

• Add transparency to business processes and multi-enterprise interactions

• Increase responsiveness to constantly evolving conditions, including pricing and inventory, and better forecast demand

Inventory management
Inventory management

• Integrate mission-critical data regardless of the source, size, or format for improved data accuracy

• Eliminate transactional delays and errors that can impact inventory, production, and distribution, and better forecast demand

Security and Auditability

  • Secure all sensitive consumer data, corporate transactions, and financial data, including payments, invoices, and billing records
  • End-to-end tracking and reporting with provable audit trails

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Secure all sensitive consumer data, corporate transactions, and financial data

Speed and Scalability

  • Highly-elastic and scalable connections to storage and big data applications including Hadoop and S3
  • Handle even the most demanding data volumes and peak seasonal flows

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Speed and scalability


  • Ensure 99.9% uptime
  • Eliminate downtime SLA violations

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Eliminate downtime SLA violations