Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

Improve how the world delivers medicine, devices, and care.

Business information systems in life sciences and pharmaceuticals manufacturing need to operate seamlessly in diverse and complex ecosystems. To ensure their value chain operates at optimal efficiency, companies must support high-speed collaboration for drug research, clinical and pre-clinical trials, manufacturing operations, marketing/sales, and ultimately, supply chain distribution. Secure your data supply chain with Cleo integration solutions that empower better distribution and delivery and facilitate airtight compliance.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals integration
Benefits for Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals
 Meet all levels of compliance


• Comply ever-changing laws, regulatory mandates, and industry codes to reduce risk of heavy fines and penalties

• Protect PII and PHI, and enable compliance with human genomics, DQSA supply chain regulations, and FDA reporting for clinical trials

Data governance and control

Track and Trace

• Shore up your supply chain with complete visibility into your business data and multi-enterprise transactions

• Help ensure compliance with various track and trace mandates including California ePedigree and EU Falsified Medicines Directive

Ensure auditability with full audit trails of all end-to-end business process activity


• Manage, maintain, and govern your data ecosystem

• Ensure auditability with full audit trails of all end-to-end business process activity

The push has always been logistics and trading partners. Inventory control, stock management control, distribution, purchase orders/invoicing. That's what we do with the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC), and Cleo handles all of our supply chain operations. We can handle our entire distribution lifecycle with CIC.

Michael Donham

Director of IT, Octapharma

Fast File Transfer

Secure file acceleration is needed to efficiently collaborate across business lines. Support high-speed transfers to streamline drug discovery and research, trials, manufacturing operations, and supply chain distribution.

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Fast File Transfer

Transform Data

Any-to-any file translation to support XML/EDI mapping, automated workflow orchestration, and non-structured format transformation, Cleo powers your business communications no matter the format.

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Any-to-any file translation to support XML/EDI mapping

Connect Your Big Data

Aggregate, transfer, and integrate all your data. Connect and feed big data storage platforms like Hadoop and Amazon S3, and applications including Azure and Cloudera. Provision data to analytics applications to power data science and business intelligence.

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Connect Your Big Data