Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG)

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Deepen your data proficiency and outperform the competition. Cleo brings you intelligent solutions that centralize your data integration. Better data increases your power to predict, bringing you closer to the suppliers, distributors, and customers that drive your business.

Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) integration
Benefits for CPG Manufacturing
Robust data movement

Protocol-Rich Data Movement

• Support over 20 secure data connectivity protocols from FTP to AS2, and everything in between

• Connect and integrate all your partners, applications, and data via a single integration platform

Any-to-Any Data Transformation

Any-to-Any Data Transformation

• Handle an expanding set of format standards and file types, including all EDI and non-EDI documents

• Map and translate data to execute business processes and essential transactions with data transformation across all structure levels

Access real-time data visibility

Real-Time Visibility

• Speed issue resolution with advanced visibility and reporting across end-to-end business processes

• Focus on analytics, increase production efficiency, enhance stock management, and improve SLAs

Pretty much 100% of what Excelled does flows through Cleo and has been for years. Whatever integration our company needs, internally and externally through our B2B partners, we figure out a way to do it using Cleo. It’s just a great data transmission tool, it is super stable, and it completely supports our business needs.

Enrico Bozzetti

IT Director, Excelled


With the industry’s deepest protocol stack, you can flexibly connect your trading partners, automate the flow of essential EDI documents, and support stream and batch transfer of structured and non-structured document flows.

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Flexibly connect your trading partners


Cleo provides superior integration solutions that bridge on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based applications. Support B2B integration (B2Bi), managed file transfer (MFT), application integration, high speed file transfer, and big data integration all on a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Cleo provides superior integration solutions


Connect rapidly to the world’s largest retail hubs and onboard your business in hours instead of days. Cleo offers more than 1,500 available connections to help you rapidly onboard and speed your time to revenue.

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Cleo offers more than 1,500 available connections to help you rapidly onboard