Service Offerings for Logistics & Transportation

Enjoy unparalleled choice and control for integration confidence by creating your own integrations, engaging managed services, or choosing a blend of both options.

G2 Homepage Badges

• Utilize your in-house integration skill set 

• Self-service ability to build and support integrations 

• Responsible for operational monitoring, exception management and production support 

• Cleo is responsible for maintaining the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform, including fixes, enhancements and upgrades

• Cleo’s team has you covered with 24x7 operational monitoring, exception management and production support ​

• Services Package Add-on, includes incremental design time coverage for new trading partner onboarding and changes to integration flows 

• Partner with Cleo Services to extend your team ​

• Get 24x7 transaction monitoring, exception management and production support within the CIC platform ​

• Cleo assists with any trading partner outage or CIC outages to minimize any impact to operations

Our unique blend of MS & Self-Service ensures complete control and agility while reducing complexity. Learn how you can get started today!


How Cleo Integration Cloud Powers Integrations

  • Blends managed services & self-service to shield from complexity while delivering agility and control where you need it
  • Offers API & EDI on a single platform to support multichannel order capture and management
  • Eliminates dependencies on ticket/feedback/resource assignments to make changes and onboard customers
  • Provides glass box for full transparency, technical and business views along with collaborative exception management

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