Integrate, automate, and transform data-flows to redefine the performance of your trading systems

To facilitate modern electronic compliance in the highly regulated securities and brokerage industries, organizations require advanced integration technology designed to streamline complex data exchanges across dispersed trading systems. Institutions dealing in asset and collateral management, hedge funds, securities trading, and settlements require pervasive multichannel integration solutions. And the accelerated flow of mission-critical information made possible by Cleo helps build the predictive insight to limit risk and stay ahead of market volatility. Become a data-driven enterprise that propels exceptionally intelligent analysis, investment, and algorithmic trade.

Benefits for Payments

 Meet all levels of compliance

Dependably meet international, regional, and local mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), MiFID, ARPA, and SEPA.

Access real-time data visibility

Leverage real-time data monitoring with automated alerts to ensure compliance, reduce the time to resolution, and identify new business opportunities with customers.

Ensure auditability with full audit trails of all end-to-end business process activity

Ensure data integrity, secure access to data, and provide proof of delivery with end-to-end data governance.

Cleo delivered the high-availability environment Tungsten Network needed to manage the substantial data transfers for our thousands of global trading partners. Cleo’s truly scalable architecture and advanced visibility features will be invaluable assets for making strategic business decisions and enabling Tungsten’s future growth.

Chris Talliss
Director of Technical Services and Operations
Tungsten Network

Ecosystem Integration

Create and control secure connections with any internal or external system and application from a single centralized platform.

  • Automate core integration processes to speed payments, while reducing costly errors
  • View and track all payment data exchanges to ensure deliverability, data integrity, and compliance with mandates and customer SLAs

Master Ecosystem Integration

Ecosystem integration payments

Scalable Architecture

Add new partners and applications through an elastic architecture that can easily handle increased data volumes without risk of disrupting existing data flows.

  • Securely and reliably move all of the associate data along with the payment, regardless of file size or aggregate volume
  • Ensure rapid delivery of payment data with 100% uptime and end-to-end governance

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Scalable Architecture

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver faster responses and easier access to information by consolidating disparate systems and applications.

  • Accelerate time-to-value by automating partner onboarding, core payment workflows, and error identification and resolution processes
  • Increase interactive efficiency with your entire customer base using a RESTful API-based self-service portal that secures and simplifies customer invoice and payment interactions

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Deliver faster responses and easier access to information by consolidating disparate systems and applications.