Integration Software for Banking

Being a responsive and trustworthy banking institution means delivering services using the emerging mobile, cloud, and big data technologies. Cleo enables the needed data performance, security, and governance that ensures compliance and reliability needed for better customer experiences.

Benefits for Banking
Partner management

Partner Management

• Accelerate onboarding of new financial partners and business customers

• Process any data format, and ensure all data communications are secure

Ensure auditability with full audit trails of all end-to-end business process activity

Certificate Management

• Built-in digital security certificate automation for PKI and Open PGP certificates

• Ensure the uninterrupted flow of secure financial transactions

Access real-time data visibility

Real-Time Visibility

• Gain comprehensive visibility into all data transactions

• Get automated alerts and access on-demand reports

'Open Banking powered by API-enabled MFT unlocks the data from various financial institutions, governs access, and secures that data so financial services companies can offer their customers, their staff, and their business partners new tools and improved services.'

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Ecosystem Integration

Quickly connect to global financial institutions, regulatory organizations, and new customers by automating key data transformation, orchestration, and secure data movement processes.

  • Accept and process data of any type, size, or volume without risk of downtime
  • Ensure all data exchanges comply with global, regional and local regulations

Master Ecosystem Integration

Ecosystem integration for banking

Application Integration

Centrally integrate new applications to ensure the best performance without disrupting current workflows.

  • Quickly onboard modern cloud applications while expanding the reach of critical legacy applications
  • Consolidate application integrations to streamline data flows and centralize visibility

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Application integration for banking

Big Data Integration

Enable powerful business analytics through the rapid and secure ingestion of relevant data into the appropriate data lake.

  • Connect all internal and external data sources to easily handle batch data, large volumes of data, and real-time data transfers
  • Securely ingest data into data lakes 345% faster than traditional methods

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Big data integration for banking