From ground to cloud and everywhere in between, the Cleo Integration Suite delivers

The traditional enterprise integration toolbox is one involving a patchwork of multiple solutions from separate vendors that function as the core to a company’s data-handling architecture. However, when this “spaghetti” infrastructure is used to send large files, manage big data transfers, or adapt to people-centric processes, mobile access, application integration, and cloud investments, it may not connect effectively or scale efficiently, and can often require a seven-figure buy-in.

As companies strive to implement strategic integration initiatives to account for increasingly complex file transfer topographies, they struggle with ever-expanding business process requirements and new B2B integration demands. The impact of a diverse set of piecemeal integration methods, including single-point and enterprise service bus (ESB) technologies, result in a convoluted infrastructure that is difficult to use and expensive to sustain. As a result, many companies are gravitating toward the Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP).

“Businesses need an agile platform to quickly build, test, and scale new application services and react to the digital disruption occurring in their markets. Digital disruption is accelerating because of the increasing integration of processes and information to yield real-time decisions.”


Easily and securely integrate data into your ecosystem

Hybrid Integration Platform deployment allows the enterprise to leverage a single technology for a flexible, future-proof solution that intelligently incorporates the essential functionality of a managed file transfer (MFT) solution but also the secure file sharing and data transformation capacity as well as expanding application integration, B2B, and API business integration technologies. HIPs are designed to deepen enterprise integration by seamlessly integrating on-premises applications with cloud-based applications, ensuring a comprehensive view of critical business data flows.

Ultimately, the Hybrid Integration Platform approach to B2B gateway needs will enhance the overall enterprise architecture by creating the ability to easily and securely integrate data, support critical SaaS and on-premise applications, and incorporate the myriad systematic and people-centric business processes at play in the enterprise ecosystem.

The Cleo Integration Suite, the single-platform enterprise-grade solution, extends beyond the utility of HIP to include secure file sharing that empowers business users to rapidly and easily achieve new initiatives at the forefront of digital business.

With a HIP, companies can:

  • Enable integration into a growing number of SaaS applications that use services to expose their functionality and data.
  • Accelerate large data movement to near real-time transfer and ingestion speed.
  • Elastically scale to handle increases in the volume, velocity, and variety of information in the big-data-influenced ecosystem.
  • Consolidate separate single-point integration solutions onto one capable platform, lowering the cost of ownership.
  • Simplify operations to more easily reach all internal and external integration end points.
  • Power the cloud and extend trading networks through a developer-centric REST API.

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