When it absolutely, positively has to get there now, think Cleo Extreme File Transfer

Business runs on data. And as more and more business processes become digitized, there is more and more data to keep moving. File sizes are getting larger. Yet most companies’ current infrastructure to move larger files within their company or beyond — to partners, customers, and suppliers — is not up to the task.

With file sizes and volumes swelling, and with transfer time for such files exponentially increasing, completing timely transfers presents a growing challenge. Add in the prevailing nature of global file transfer across multiple networks and the need to optimize bandwidth usage for everyday business functions, and faster file transfer becomes more critical than ever.

Cleo high speed is fast


If you could move your mission-critical data 345% faster, why wouldn’t you?

Move gigs in seconds

The Cleo Jetsonic high-speed data transfer solution was specifically designed to quickly, easily, and securely move extremely large files. But this accelerated data transfer technology works for all file sizes by more optimally by using your network bandwidth and existing infrastructure to move files several multiples faster. The result: Highly reliable fast file transfers that exceed leading competitors’.

Learn how Cleo transfers 7 GBs of data in 90 seconds

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When speed and accountability are mission-critical

Easy integration for ease of mind

The Cleo Integration Suite connects Cleo’s highly secure and easy-to-use managed file transfer (MFT) solutions with the fastest transfer technology on the market for an extreme file transfer solution unlike any other. Rest assured knowing your data made it to its destination, and know it right away with Cleo Jetsonic.

The Cleo Jetsonic high-speed data transfer technology comes fully equipped to provide:

  • Tracking
  • Alerts
  • Authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Data integrity checks
  • Automatic checkpoint restart
  • Advanced throttling settings

So what does this mean for the fast-moving organization considering the Cleo Jetsonic solution? It means they’ll rest easy knowing this extreme file transfer solution can:

  • Move files large or small 345% faster than UDP-based products
  • Ensure secure, reliable delivery of business-critical data
  • Eliminate network-imposed speed limitations
  • Greatly reduce transfer time for high-volume assets
  • Count on guaranteed delivery of transferred packets
  • Use SSL encryption to secure data in motion
  • Count on multiple platform support — Windows, OSX, Linux, UNI
  • Extend workflow orchestration functionality
  • Enable external accelerated file transfer with support for other protocols and connectors
  • Feed data directly to cloud architectures or big data storage (S3, HBase, HDFS)
  • Enable faster business outcomes through event execution that optimizes transfers, closing the gap on transactional process latency
  • Apply metadata tagging to create rich business process actions
  • Automatically resume the failed or partial transfers to get 100% of your information to its destination intact and eliminate integrity issues
  • Support protocol translation for B2Bi

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