To get big data insights, you need big data integration

The volume of data in the world is increasing at a staggering rate, as industries today are collecting, storing, analyzing, sharing, collaborating more, and requiring more of data from an ever-expanding variety of information sources. Organizations are discovering new methods to leverage big data, generating greater customer and business insight, and improving current operational processes. A powerful and scalable big data integration gateway to securely, swiftly, and reliably move big data between data lakes and analytics applications is a necessity for forward-thinking companies.

With the Cleo Integration Suite’s big data movement solutions, organizations can seamlessly flow information to varied big data applications, reliably ensuring business value and service continuity.

Business process turnover

Where will your business be at in a few years?


By 2020, information will be used to reinvent, digitalize or eliminate 80% of business processes and products from a decade earlier.

Source: Forbes

Benefits of moving big data with Cleo

For software

Software firms must deal with large transaction processing logs, application data, database backup files, and an ever-increasing variety of structured and unstructured data. As software companies transition to take their solutions into the cloud, operations moving big data sourced from large customer bases interacting online are staggering in complexity.

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How Cleo benefits the software and technology industry

For Healthcare

Pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and medical providers have a common foundational interest – the well-being of the populations they serve. Connected medical devices and the multiple-source data they generate will allow for the creation of interlinked health profiles from the detailed individual level to a comprehensive pattern-based view of entire regions. All of this means big data movement and big data mining help facilitate epidemic prediction, promote collaborative effort toward curing disease, eliminate overhead, reduce costs, and realize increased advances in all-around patient care. Improving lives starts with a big data gateway.

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How Cleo benefits the healthcare industry

For Logistics

Logistics industry shippers, service providers, and carriers are generating big data from positive train control, electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs), RFID tags, and mobile devices. Senders and receivers expect up-to-the-minute information about their shipments, arrival times, and delivery dispositions. A big data gateway that provides full visibility into information flows is integral to improving overall efficiencies across high-traffic logistics networks.

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How Cleo benefits the logistics industry

For Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies are moving vast amounts of data in the form financial transactions, logistics stats, RFID and bar-code data, images like CAD/CAM drawings, web analytics, machine data, and sensor readouts. Business-activity monitoring contingent on real-time data analytics calls for a robust big data gateway to feed analytical programs and realize increases in production performance and operational efficiency.

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How Cleo benefits the manufacturing industry

For Information Services

The delivery of real-time financial, business operations, and customer information to subscribers means that data-centric services companies depend on not just informational veracity, but of equal importance, the velocity of ingestion, incorporation, content analysis, and data relay to clients. Vast quantities of data require a reliable big data gateway to stream information assets from data lakes through the mechanisms of complex event processing to provide companies with predictive analytical patterns, and above all, competitive advantage.

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How Cleo benefits the information services industry

For Energy

Energy companies are finding their grid and customer usage data volumes exploding with the advent of smart meters, sensors, and new channels for customer interaction. Instrumentation advances, increases on generating and transforming equipment, larger capacity data historians, and more complex generating fleets with diverse power sources contribute to greatly increased data volumes and difficulties compiling accurate reports. Today, energy companies need the ability to move big data in order to share capacity and usage patterns through internal and partner networks.

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How Cleo benefits the energy industry

For Financial Services

Human-free computer systems interactions represent approximately half the total volume of equity exchange and are entirely dependent on the rapid movement of big data into and through systems and program processes. Vast volumes of data from multitudinous external sources, ranging from quotes and the news to social media extractions, must flow at extraordinary rates into internal systems for quick, strategic complex event processing and automated execution.

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How Cleo benefits the financial services industry

Understanding the Five V’s of Big Data

Companies today need a secure and reliable solution to take on the five V’s of big data: Velocity, Volume, Variety, Veracity, and most critically, Value. Cleo’s secure enterprise integration solutions optimize the way your big data flows.


Your big data is not a fixed entity. For a business to gain a competitive advantage through processing, data needs to be on the move. There’s no time to waste. With so many communication hiccups that can occur outside your control, software that requires restarting failed large file transfers from the beginning are obsolete. Cleo solutions simplify, streamline, and accelerate large transfers using any of a large array of comprehensive secure communication protocols, including the industry-leading Cleo Jetsonic extreme file transfer solution.


The composition of big data ranging from the millions of hourly communications flowing through a healthcare system, to the massive audio/video files being shared and collaborated on by marketing and advertising firms, to the unfathomable amounts of information generated by e-commerce and social media sites means big data is constantly getting bigger. Whether your enterprise is operating with a database, data store, warehouse or an enterprise data lake, the big data world necessitates a big data gateway. Cleo solutions, the best in reliable and efficient handling of volume in even the most demanding production environments, means you can seamlessly integrate your big data flows to internal systems and processing infrastructure.


Big data is diverse in where it comes from. Right from the get-go, a variety of sources means diversity in size, format, governance requirements, and compliance standards. But data diversity is no problem with Cleo. Our secure B2B integration and data transformation solutions handle any and all types of data — unstructured, structured, or multi-structured, including e-commerce, XML, text, audio, video, metadata, web pages, email messages, social media feeds, and form data. Cleo’s big data gateway solution ensures that variety never clashes with the twofold need for business velocity and informational intelligence.


Is your data reliable? When considering the vast quantities of machine-originated and human-generated data entering your enterprise systems, the concept of available data consistency and reliability becomes messy. Data veracity requires one of two strategies. The ability to clean your big data — eliminate bias, inconsistency, and incompleteness — means building specialized teams or partnerships, often outside your enterprise. The second is to sustain analytical processes with such leviathan quantities of data that anomalies fade in the background of reliable conclusions. Ultimately, ensuring veracity means that your big data must move, and that’s where the Cleo Integration Suite comes in.


The power of big data is insight. Greater insight, whether utilized by a regional healthcare network, a major financial institution, or a logistics provider, means more accurate prediction — the ability to foresee changes, meet market demand, and improve business operations. Taking the real-time pulse of company performance can help optimize marketing and sales initiatives. Faster and better decision making also means greater business agility, and this decisiveness is often the power to outcompete rivals. However, simply having data on hand does not imply these values. Big data insight is derived from analysis, and this necessitates a big data gateway. To gain value through insight, Cleo makes sure your big data moves in and out of storage architecture securely and reliably flows through analytical processes.

Security and governance is paramount

The protection of mission-critical information flowing through your systems and to your most important partners and customers is paramount to the success of your business. Cleo’s proxy architecture means data never sits beyond the firewall, thus eliminating transfer vulnerability. With Cleo, your big data is completely secure whether during transmission or at rest allowing your company to meet compliance challenges head-on.

Keep your big data flowing securely and reliably. Utilize automated certificate management to eliminate costly manual processes. Cleo Integration Suite solutions enhance visibility with comprehensive audit logs and reporting capabilities, making it easy to trace data routing, and provide deep-dive tracking and transfer metrics. The built-in comprehensive protocol stack and preconfigured connections mean higher availability with the ability to crucially optimize partner onboarding.

For more information about Cleo’s big data integration and secure B2B gateway solutions and how they can help you solve your big data movement challenges, contact Cleo today.

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