Reduce the complexity of daily B2B integration operations

As customer requirements and business strategies evolve, IT departments are burdened with finding new ways to adopt best-of-breed applications, onboard new partners, comply with mandates, and keep their existing infrastructure from becoming overwhelmed by increasing data volumes. To relieve the added pressures of self-managed integration, more companies are choosing to outsource B2B operations to experts who are better equipped to handle ever-expanding integration processes.

Cleo provides flexible and reliable B2B integration managed services that eliminate the frustrations of manual integration errors, slow response times, and mounting operational costs. Our team of seasoned integration experts work to understand and align B2B processes to your business and technical objectives, then use automated integration tools to provide around-the-clock management and support for all of your integration requirements.

Cleo’s B2B Managed Services clients receive all the support required for:

  • New application integration
  • Trading partner onboarding
  • Data transformation, routing, and governance
  • Data migration
  • Business system consolidation and process efficiency
  • Scalable integration
  • Data transaction visibility

Free yourself of complex B2B integration

With a subscription to the Cleo B2B Managed Cloud service, companies can automatically connect and exchange data with their internal and partner applications, with no investment needed for software, hardware, or specialized skillsets.

Cleo Managed B2B Cloud is a B2B-as-a-Service offering that increases the speed and accuracy of your B2B processes, freeing up time for you to effectively do what you do best — support your customers and grow your business.

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