Say “yes” to new business with rapid data transformation and exchange

As companies strive to satisfy evolving customer demands and maintain a competitive edge, they will adopt new technologies and processes to increase the speed of doing business. In most cases, best-of-breed systems and applications will be implemented into already convoluted legacy IT environments, increasing complexity and adding to the strain of managing and integrating multiple data formats from multiple sources.

The inability for business systems to accept even a single file type can have far-reaching implications, limiting the ability to add new enterprise connections and affecting existing trading partner relations. Unfortunately, falling back on homegrown solutions can be worse. Resorting to customizing a specific integration for each trading partner — often a time-consuming task — balloons the costs of implementation and long-term maintenance, dramatically increasing the risk of crippling, business-reducing errors.

Facing an integration problem?


Up to 70% percent of data integration tasks are hand-coded by users that eschew the use of data integration tools.

Modern data transformation flows for B2B, application, and data integration

  • Integrating trading partner data with back-end storage and applications
  • Exchanging data between internal databases and applications
  • Seamlessly move data between distributed databases
  • Support ETL big data ingestion paths

Effective enterprise data transformation enables companies to facilitate the exchange of data across differentiated business systems enabling seamless integration between internal and external partners, regardless of systemic data consumption requirements. Through the transformation component, the data that is received is converted and validated for consumption by the target source optimally based on pre-established data mapping rules.

Send and receive data in any format

Cleo Integration Suite

Automating the data transformation process

The Cleo Integration Suite provides a comprehensive any-to-any data transformation solution that accelerates systemic and application integration, allowing companies to integrate any system or application 50% faster than traditional methods.

Cleo’s any-to-any data transformation solution uses a single data map template sourced from existing integrations, so large volumes of B2B data — in any format — can quickly be converted to meet target source format and data integration requirements. The result: Reduced process bottlenecks, increased revenue via expedited partner onboarding, and improved customer responsiveness and SLA compliance.

The Cleo Clarify data transformation solution delivers:

Flexible integration

Overturn the challenge of converging B2B integration, B2Bi, application integration, and big data integration demands by supporting virtually every flavor of spreadsheets, XML, EDI, flat files, Web Services, change data capture, and other mediations.


Efficiently automate integrations, remove process bottlenecks, and mitigate the risks of lost business or customer SLA compliance failure.


Far-reaching international, national, state/provincial, local, and industry regulations place specific format constraints around file movement, information residency, and data integration. Help ensure extensive compliance and security standards with comprehensive format handling and data translation.


As your business grows, your ability to effectively scale may come down to a single file format. Accommodate all data types, and increasing data transaction volumes with carrier-grade scalability and any-to-any transformation.

Speed to Revenue

Rapidly onboard new connections to facilitate the exchange of all data between systems, applications, and external partners within hours instead of days.


Improve customer responsiveness and drive efficient processes that increase time to revenue. Respond quickly to customer requests and remove risk of costly transaction errors.

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