B2B integration, anywhere you want it

With company expansion comes increased pressure on IT to add new trading partners, systems, and applications to an already complex architecture. To offset rising complexity, costs, and extra strain on IT staff, businesses are turning to Cleo to outsource their daily B2B operations.

A Cleo Managed Services subscription offers a secure and flexible alternative to self-managed integration that easily scales B2B operations within a cloud environment. Outsourcing B2B activities to Cleo frees internal resources to focus on critical business initiatives, eliminates manual processing, provides total control and visibility over your data, and scales to easily handle peak demands without disruption.

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The automated B2B managed service

Unlike traditional B2B managed service offerings, Cleo’s team of seasoned B2B integration experts automate your integration process workflows through the Cleo Integration Cloud, which is deployed via Cleo Cloud infrastructure to provide the elasticity, simplicity and dependability of a managed cloud service. Each automated B2B process is carefully aligned with your business and technical strategies, providing state-of-the-art uptime, around-the-clock end-to-end management, and automated reporting of the critical information exchanges running through your business.

Leading enterprises use Cleo Managed Services to:

  • Establish secure communications and enhance data governance
  • Integrate with new and existing applications
  • Quickly on-board new trading partners
  • Ensure customer SLAs and improve uptime
  • Proactively manage data mapping and map changes

Partnering with Cleo, you will receive the very best in B2B integration as-a-service with “white glove” customer success enablement from dedicated professionals.

No more manual EDI and MFT processes

With Cleo Managed Services, companies free themselves from the painstaking management of their data without relinquishing control.

Cleo Managed Services utilizes the widest range of communication protocols and automated toolsets to manage and accelerate all of your critical B2B integration and partner on-boarding tasks, including mapping, configuring AS2 connections, applying data governance, and testing.

All your data transformation, integration, and trading partner communications are optimized through the Cleo Integration Cloud, helping you increase customer satisfaction, while lowering the cost of your B2B operations. Further, the data moving throughout your business will be traceable, allowing you real-time access to dashboards.

B2B integration — Anywhere you want it

As your business grows, you can scale your Cleo Managed Services service subscription as needed. Wherever your business grows, and however you need to consume integration capabilities, Cleo is there for you.

Thinking about bringing your B2B integration in house? With enhanced deployment flexibility, and streamlined migration, Cleo provides proven integration solutions that power the EDI and MFT engines of thousands of our customers globally, regardless of whether they choose the cloud, on premise, or both.

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