Cleo is an AS2 Leader

As an extension of our legacy as a leader in data communication solutions, Cleo was an AS2 pioneer. Cleo embraced the disruptive protocol and led the way on global standards work with Drummond Group and with Walmart to enable AS2 use on a much grander scale.

Cleo’s AS2 has been Drummond certified since 2002 — passing every test, every time — including optional tests for the critical features every AS2 protocol should have:

  • Certificate Exchange Messaging for automated certificate management
  • AS2 Restart for the efficient and reliable transfer of large files
  • Chunked Transfer Encoding
  • Filename Preservation with Multiple Attachments
  • Reliability

Cause for Pause

Cleo’s AS2 solutions are fully certified, but many others out there are not. This can cause problems when growing your trading partner community.

  • A number of AS2 solutions on the market do not support two of the most critical AS2 advanced capabilities: Certificate Exchange Messaging and AS2 Restart. These advanced features are necessary to keep things up and running without a hitch.
  • Other AS2 solutions only provide single-thread integration between their own integration engine and their AS2 communications.
  • Some solutions are tightly linked to their associated integration engine, causing communications to go down when their integration engine fails or undergoes maintenance.
  • These and other limitations, such as the lack of 64-bit Windows support, result in unnecessary trading partner downtime and missed SLAs.

Cleo is the Right Choice

Choosing the right AS2 solution can improve trading relationships, decrease operational costs, and minimize risk. See why more than 100,000 companies worldwide recognize Cleo as the most advanced, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution on the market.

Cleo AS2, which supports most OS platforms, includes all the critical features needed to keep you connected and your critical business information flowing. Our solution supports ultra-high performance and scalability due to its design, and provides failover and load balancing which allows file transfer to continue even when back-end applications go down.

For further reading, check out Cleo’s protocol comparison guide, which detail security, standards, and considerations for using AS2 and other communication protocols.

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