2019 State of Ecosystem and Application Integration

What’s the difference between good integration and bad integration? For starters, about a half-million dollars of the bottom line every year.

That’s according to IT decision-makers across industries, whom Cleo surveyed about their biggest B2B, application, and cloud integration challenges, and what’s driving those challenges. The goal was to better understand the importance of integration in today’s business landscape, and the feedback provided some quantifiable insights into the hidden costs of poor integration and the importance of IT modernization for enabling ecosystem integration and thus, business growth.

More than half of organizations report that poor integrations take a $500,000 toll(!) on the business every year in the form of lost orders, missed SLAs, and lost revenue opportunities. Nearly a third say they lack the skilled resources to build and manage integrations between systems, applications, and partner ecosystems.

We’ve compiled these and other data insights into a free report – The 2019 State of Ecosystem and Application Integration – to shed light on the integration challenges your peers wish they could fix sooner than later and how they can solve them using an ecosystem integration approach. Download the report and learn what it takes to:

  • Integrate new cloud and B2B applications

  • Onboard customers and trading partners faster

  • Automate the data flows that drive revenue

  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year

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