The Most Secure and Reliable Way to Send Large Files via Email

With the Cleo Trust secure messaging solution, sharing files of all sizes via email with customers, prospects, business partners, and remote employees is always simple, secure, and reliable.

As any IT team can tell you, corporate email servers have their limitations. Attachments are typically restricted to no more than 10 to 20 megabytes and delivery confirmation is never guaranteed. Many employees try to solve this problem by circumventing their corporate email system and sending emails and attachments on their own, outside the corporate email system, often reverting to web mail applications or placing confidential files on vulnerable consumer file sharing services. When corporate email is used to send large files, it can slow message delivery, impact the bandwidth, and increase storage and IT management costs.

The Cleo Trust product enables your users to securely communicate with customers, prospects, business partners, and remote employees outside your company firewall — without having to worry about encryption, file size, or receipt confirmation. Cleo Trust handles it all with ease.

Cleo Trust stores the email, both body and any attachments, and notifies the recipient that they have received a message from the sender that requires a secure download. The recipient can respond to the sender or download the file. The sender receives a notification when the file is delivered. Cleo Trust enhances your current e-mail solution to meet the file size, security, and reliability needs of your entire organization.

Benefits of Cleo Trust secure messaging software

Send to Any Email Address

Universal application that send to any email address.

Eliminates Security Gaps

Eliminates security gaps and extreme governance challenges that other products present.

Tracks Files

Tracks all files that are received by or sent from your organization.

Easy to Use

Easy to use — our user interface is easy to use for both internal and external users.

Easy to Administer

Easy to administer — virtually no user training is required and easily integrates with Microsoft Exchange.

Increases Productivity

Increases productivity by providing collaborative solution which meets corporate security requirements.

Less Training, Fewer Service Engagements

Requires less training and service engagements required than major competitors.


Solution scales to meet future growth.

Flexible Deployment

Built to operate independently or in conjunction with Cleo’s proven secure data integration solutions to enable secure file sharing, secure messaging, and secure managed file transfer operations via a single platform.

Want to learn more?

White Paper: Best Practices for File Sharing, an Osterman Research paper sponsored by Cleo