High Performance Native EDI Integration for IBM System i

Companies today need integration tools that are reliable and easily manageable to handle their critical business data. Cleo EEI, the only native IBM System i EDI integrator that is 100% supported, provides companies the automation, reporting and performance they need to manage internal and external data transactions.

Cleo EEI includes a rich set of runtime functions and design-time aids, designed to rapidly deploy new trading partners, quickly identify errors, monitor system activity and manage daily operations more efficiently.

What Cleo EEI offers

Automated EDI processing

Automatically process X12 and EDIFACT EDI standards 5 times faster than most other solutions on the market

Elite EDI Translation

Process high volumes of transactions rapidly, and with low latency

Rapid Partner Onboarding

Easily generate partner definitions and mapping rules from pre-built patterns

Transaction Visibility

Monitor real-time EDI transactions, and create automated alerts and reports

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