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Complete and flexible B2B integration

As companies consistently add best-of-breed technologies to help drive business outcomes, integrating these systems becomes more complex to manage. This “spaghetti” infrastructure often slows down operational data flows, risks un-secure data exchanges and process errors, and drives up cost in maintenance and chargeback fees.

Cleo provides a complete and flexible integration solution to that simplifies complex integration processes, and enable companies to do more business faster. Cleo’s secure managed file transfer (MFT), cloud integration, and hybrid integration platform solutions enable companies to consolidate integrations and govern all data exchanges moving throughout their business ecosystem.

Enterprises can’t afford to waste valuable time and money on repurposing functionality and data from legacy systems to meet updated requirements. IT teams need to ensure 100 percent uptime across a spectrum of tools, technologies, vendors, and other business units while also maintaining compliance and security.

That’s why staying ahead of the competition and evolving is essential, especially as the next generation of solutions are developed. Legacy systems have limitations, and IT professionals must understand and recognize those limitations in order to take full advantage of the promise of the gateway functionality.

Cleo’s solution can meet your present B2B gateway needs by enabling you to move, view, and act on data in real time. Cleo’s B2B gateway tool helps you connect and transfer information, supports all types of data transfers, and can scale to meet peak demands. Cleo always provides the right amount of security to address any potential emerging internal or external compliance mandates.

Easier to manage and operate than legacy systems, Cleo B2B gateway technology eases the burden on IT resources and also positions your company to meet future integration needs, whether it be cloud, big data, or digital transformation initiatives. Enable secure business-user agility while taking advantage of a modern, single-platform solution to deliver the next-generation of B2B gateway capabilities.

Connect quickly
Connect quickly

Quickly connect internal applications and systems and external sources via highly secure communications protocols

Real-time insight and analysis
Real-time analysis

Keep track of system health in real-time, and receive notifications based on system performance or other metrics, including SLAs, KPIs, and trading partner scorecards

Maintain compliance
Maintain compliance

Ensure they meet regulatory, industry, and partner requirements, and that companies are always ready for an audit

Drive uptime
Drive uptime

Drive 100 percent uptime with scalability, high availability, and load balancing

“Cleo integrates with much of our homegrown environment, and equips O’Rourke with a modern platform to build the strong customer and partner relationships that define our business.”

— Ben Sanders, O’Rourke Sales Company

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Cleo Integration Cloud

Deploy and manage integration that spans all of your B2B, A2A, cloud, and data lake integration use cases while consolidating and streamlining all of your existing data connectivity and movement.

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Cleo Harmony

Scale data communications with the control, governance, and security you need for your internal and external exchanges.

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Cleo Managed Services

Outsourcing B2B activities to Cleo frees internal resources to focus on critical business initiatives, eliminates manual processing, and scales to easily handle peak demands without disruption.

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