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Fax workflows today, still very much a critical component of business in a variety of industries, require a full document management strategy to ensure security and auditability for the entire information lifecycle. A secure network fax and communications solution bridges the gap between your systems and the important people in your business — your customers, team members, suppliers, partners, and more.

By integrating with your existing email and document management systems, Cleo Streem® simplifies the distributing, receiving, processing, and storing of mission-critical information. The Cleo Streem secure fax and messaging platform eliminates the need for stand-alone analog fax machines and analog phone lines for hard-copy faxing, and simplifies and integrates your systems and multi-function devices (MFDs).

Additionally, the Cleo Streem solution’s enterprise messaging capabilities support automated phone, text, email, and fax communications that can be used to improve workflow processes for multiple use cases, including automated appointment reminder messages, meeting change notifications, school closures, work crew coordination, and automated surveys.

From government agencies and public utilities to healthcare organizations and schools, organizations of all sizes and industries rely on the Cleo Streem solution to modernize fax and communications processes.

Benefits of Cleo’s network notification integration technology

Security and Regulatory Compliance
Security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Fully encrypted fax and messaging workflows
  • FIPS compliant, and the preferred choice for many federal and local government agencies
  • Meets DIACAP requirements
  • Enable HIPAA, FERPA, and SOX compliance
  • Restrict access to fax and control fax destinations
  • Provide audit trail for all fax activity
  • Assistance with other regulatory compliance and adherence to guidelines
Efficiency and ROI
Efficiency and ROI
  • Reduce manual processes around fax
  • Eliminate document delivery and receipt inefficiencies
  • Reduce expenses associated with fax machine phone lines
  • Reduce costs and consumables associated with hard-copy faxing
  • Eliminate single-function fax machines
  • Leverage existing investment in network printers and MFDs
  • Integrate with existing PBX and telco resources for both digital and FoIP transmission
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing MFDs and authentication systems
  • Enable automated fax and messaging with back-end EMRs and databases
  • Utilize existing IT and telecommunications resources, and deploy using a hardware server and virtual server systems

“Without the Cleo Streem solution, we wouldn’t be able to proactively alert our patients of impending weather, clinic closures, and other emergency situations. Cleo Streem is revolutionizing communications at the VA, and there’s nothing else like it.”

— Jeff Soots, William Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Cleo Streem Fax

Securely and easily send, receive, print, archive, route, and track incoming and outgoing fax documents from the desktop or MFP.

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Cleo Streem Notify

Enable easy, interactive communication with customers, constituents, team members, students/parents, and other audiences using interactive voice messaging (cell or land lines), text messaging, or email.

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Cleo Unify

Quickly share files and documents with built-in security, governance, and mobility needs of today’s digital landscape.

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