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Organizations are discovering new methods to leverage big data integration, generating greater customer and business insight, and improving current operational processes. Managing file ingestion from a Hadoop data lake into cloud-based big data storage and analytics applications — and centrally governing the movement and format in the right sequence for the right purpose — delivers a unique competitive advantage.

A powerful and scalable big data gateway to securely, swiftly, and reliably move big data between data lakes and analytics applications is a requirement for forward-thinking companies. That’s because organizations are realizing the value of the information flowing through their systems and across big data ingestion patterns can deliver advanced insights and help grow your business.

In an age where business value is based largely on how quickly and how analytical you can get with your data, connecting to a data lake via a powerful big data integration gateway facilitates lightning-quick decision-making, advanced predictive analytics, and agile, data-based determinations.

With big data integration by Cleo, companies can create highly secure connections to on-premise big data ecosystems such as Hadoop, and cloud-based data lake repositories to enable downstream business intelligence and predictive analytics outcomes. Information flowing into a data lake requires management and governance. Secure your big data information flows whether during transmission or at rest, allowing your company to meet ever-evolving compliance challenges head-on.

Benefits of Cleo’s data lake gateway technology

Elastic scalability

Elastic scalability so your enterprise platform scales to handle large volumes of data, which includes the billions of little messages as well as the singular, massive files


The security and governance required to manage data feeds originating from within and beyond your enterprise to derive critical business value

Enhanced visibility

Enhanced visibility with comprehensive audit logs and reporting capabilities, making it easy to trace data routing, and provide deep-dive tracking and transfer metrics

Data workflows

Expanded community management for easier data routing and advanced workflow capabilities

Faster results

Business benefits and results faster than a traditional data approach

“The Cleo Harmony solution delivered the high-availability environment Tungsten Network needed to manage the substantial data transfers for our thousands of global trading partners. Cleo’s truly scalable architecture and advanced visibility features will be invaluable assets for making strategic business decisions and enabling Tungsten’s future growth.”

— Chris Tallis, Tungsten Network

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Data Governance & Control

Manage and instantly track all data moving in and throughout your business ecosystem.

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Pipeline Acceleration

Move data, in any format and size, up to 345% faster than traditional methods.

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Ecosystem Enablement

Connect, integrate, and control data exchanges between any source and any end-point within your business ecosystem.

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