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As more business outcomes need to be rapidly delivered, companies look to implement best-of-breed enterprise application integration. More and more, versatile enterprise application integration technology helps businesses effectively manage cross-functional business processes. Raise the bar for integration capabilities offering seamless application information flows to core business systems including CRM, ERP, TMS, and B2B/EDI. But as the enterprise adds new cloud applications, these central business integration flows can grow in complexity. With each newly implemented solution comes another data generation point and the challenge to integrate that to existing applications for essential business context. It’s time for you to ensure all your critical application information flows are integrated, governed, and visible.

Cleo simplifies the onboarding and integration of new connectors by providing a host of adapters, APIs, and wizards to easily build and manage end-to-end integrations between internal and partner systems. With reliable connectivity using a wide variety of secure communication protocols, data transformation capabilities, and automated integration functionality, Cleo also provides an API-powered self-service portal for seamless customer, partner, and supplier network extensions.

Benefits of Cleo’s Enterprise Application Integration Technology

Integrate any B2B, A2A, and cloud application without custom code

Integrate any B2B, A2A, and cloud application without custom code

Access integration connectors for SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite, and many more

Access application connectors for SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite, and many more

Create API connections for more customized integrations

Create API connections for more customized integrations

An API-powered self-service portal for various network extensions

View all data exchanges moving throughout your business in real-time

Automate any integration and secure file movement process

Automate any integration and secure file movement process

Europe’s leading pasta maker, Giovanni Rana, chooses Cleo to eliminate heavy custom-coded integrations with JD Edwards

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Cleo Integration Cloud

Connect, transform, integrate, and control all internal and external partner data on a single platform.

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Application Connectors

Pre-configured connectors quickly integrate your popular enterprise applications, SaaS offerings, and cloud storage solutions.

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Painless, seamless application integration

Connecting cloud, enterprise service bus (ESB) architectures, and various other interacting A2A processes will inevitably create application integration hurdles. Seamlessly consolidating the different connections, data types, and a spectrum of connectivity protocols, all while maintaining maximum security and maximum uptime to support the collaboration of people, applications, and systems requires a next-generation solution.


Agility to keep critical business and financial information up-to-date and make better, faster business decisions


Scalability to take on legacy data functionality and grow with your business without constantly interrupting daily workflows


Interoperability to meld legacy applications, back-end application integration systems (such as Salesforce and SAP), homegrown scripts, and cloud applications


Automation that taps workflow and event processing and content-based routing to eliminate painstaking manual file transfer processes


Auditability for tracking HR and expense reporting, benefits claims, and proprietary file sharing, especially in highly regulated industries where meeting mandates means all audit trails all the time

Benefits of application integration with Cleo

Easy integration

Remove the complexity of application to application, or system to application integration with internal enterprise resource planning (ERP), ESB, legacy EDI, and cloud solutions, while also supporting connectivity to your external communities.


Improve responsiveness and enable improved decision making through enhanced dashboards that deliver visibility to both IT and business users. Stay on top of system health and receive alerts based on system performance or partner metrics, such as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), KPIs, and trading partner scorecards.


Govern and secure your data to meet regulatory, industry, and partner compliance requirements, ensuring your system and business are always ready for an audit.


Help drive 100% uptime with scalability, high availability, and load balancing.

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