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Unite, transform, and integrate data across internal systems and cloud applications, and to and from your trading partners and customers

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Break the cycle of legacy integration infrastructure

How you integrate with internal systems, applications, partners, and customers will determine how fast your business will differentiate and grow. But integration processes, from connecting disparate data sources to ensuring data security to real-time tracking of data throughout its life cycle, can be easier to manage.

Whether you need to advance your business by employing comprehensive B2B integration, a flexible and scalable B2B gateway, or with easy systematic integration that automates application-to-application messaging, organizations require a reliable, modern solution to break the chains of legacy infrastructure.

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Cleo’s centralized integration technology capabilities

Rapidly connect to any data source, on-premise or in the cloud

Rapidly connect to any data source, on-premise or in the cloud

Improve operational data flows

Improve operational data flows

Onboard new partners faster

Onboard new partners faster

Reliably meet customer SLAs and mandates

Reliably meet customer SLAs and mandates

Instantly view and report on any data transaction

Instantly view and report on any data transaction

“We can connect with customers and partners how they want to. EDI was typically one of the longest IT project tasks to be completed when it came to new customer startups. With Cleo Clarify, we have reduced development effort and achieved faster time to value.”

— Tom Loftus, Saddle Creek Logistics

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Accelerate business value with Cleo integration

An intelligent enterprise must frequently tackle new integration requirements, often the result of connecting and exchanging data with a new customer or supplier. Legacy or custom-coded integration solutions cannot deliver the reliability, visibility, or governance required to transfer data across business systems, cloud applications, and even people.

Cleo solutions enable organizations to completely manage B2B, application, cloud, data lake and network notification use cases with the secure exchange, transformation, validation, and integration of all business-critical information moving throughout the multi-enterprise ecosystem.

Cleo simplifies and accelerates integration by providing IT and business users easy-to-use tools to control secure multi-enterprise data movement, transformation, and orchestration, without needing any custom code or special skillsets.

The daily connectivity, consistency, privacy, and governance issues critical to doing business yesterday, today, and tomorrow aren’t going away any time soon. That’s why integration technology is the centerpiece of companies successfully solving emerging business data challenges.

With highly scalable, customizable, and controllable technology from Cleo, enterprises gain evermore integration functions to create comprehensive apps and systems that streamline complex workflows. Accelerate business value by seamlessly connecting systems, people, and processes to deliver real-time integration and visibility into information workflows across B2B, application, cloud, and big data use cases.

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