Strategic integration solutions that power your data-centric and cloud service platforms

As a data-centric and information service provider, you develop and provision services that enrich business outcomes for customers. By enabling access to data in real time, you are able to produce measurable growth-oriented results foundational to your customers’ businesses. Agile integration solutions can help you quickly expand platform service capabilities and utilize fast-moving growth opportunities for your business. Cleo delivers robust and secure B2Bi, application integration, innovative high-speed and large file transfer, cloud integration, and big data integration for data-centric service companies and their customers.

How Cleo software and technology solutions benefit data-centric services providers

Problem Key Capabilities Needed
Speed to Revenue Rapid onboarding and implementation of new connections and data feeds/flows facilitated by extensive preconfigured business formats and technology connections to speed the time to revenue for your services platform.
Insight Enrich business outcomes for your customers with data flow intelligence and insight that simplify the complex network of business information end-points with a view into business processes and operations providing the basis for more intelligent and rapid action across the enterprise.
SLAs Customer SLAs — with file delivery and responses measured in milliseconds — is a metric requiring best-in-industry uptime, high availability, and complete visibility to promote real-time action across transactional layers and business systems.
Growth Agile solutioning designed to reliably scale with rapidly expanding business connections, and ballooning information movement and processing volumes.
Hybrid Integration Flexibly integrate on-premise infrastructure with cloud architectures to build essential ground-to-cloud connectivity, alongside cloud-to-cloud topographies.


Cleo Solutions Description
Accelerated and Large File Transfer Big Data: Move mission-critical data faster and with incredible efficiency for large files and aggregate datasets. High-speed file transfer ensures your cloud is primed for big data readiness.

Efficiency: Software-based file acceleration leveraging native hardware with the fastest data movement capability that facilitates bandwidth saturation and optimal resource consumption.

Integrity: Error correction guarantees the delivery of informational assets with 100% data integrity with no loss of transfer speed regardless of network conditions.

Stream: Stream data assets regardless of size or format over parallel connections.
Cloud Integration Integration: Expansive protocol handling and comprehensive data transformation in combination deliver the next-generation technological capabilities to seamlessly integrate the full span of technical and business processes essential to your enterprise.

Connection: Prebuilt technological connectors for mission-critical business systems and back office applications used in customer ecosystems, including Salesforce and SAP.

Scalability: Enable system scalability that is on par with business expansion. Carrier-grade solution that future-proofs for continual growth and service expansion.

Reliability: Guarantee continual uptime for your information service systems with failover and reverse proxy distribution load balancing to maximize capacity and support for unlimited concurrencies.
Case Management Increased Productivity: Move from form-based workflows into a sphere of automated processes to increase workforce productivity and the speed of case management execution.

Rapid Exchange: Accelerate the exchange of information for quick support case troubleshooting, business function processes, and transactional operations, and support for SLA and regulatory drivers.

Multimodality: Broad solution capabilities to enable multiple case management mode triggers for event-based, automated, and ad hoc information workflows.

Reporting: Create a collaborative forum for rapid issue resolution that facilitates proactive reporting for root cause analysis (RCA), and real-time status updates from discovery to resolution.

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