Scalable, reliable, secure enterprise solutions to power the cloud and deliver value to your customers

In a technology landscape that is in a state of constant evolution, increasing digital agility is a key business driver. And to be a successful provider, operational performance hinges on optimizing your ability to distribute what is both a product and a service. You need to maintain fluency in delivering uninterrupted value to your customers and facilitate the express execution on strategy across the organization. Cleo provides the comprehensive integration solutions your business requires to stay on the leading edge of innovation.

How Cleo benefits the software and technology companies:

Carrier-Grade Scalability

Enviable business growth can leave you drowning in data. You need a solution engine that powers your cloud, handles massive dataflow volumes, and provides support for the vast array of protocol and format variation in multi-enterprise ecosystems. Effectively and efficiently meet the challenge of expeditious growth head-on with Cleo’s comprehensive and scalable integration solutions.

Rapidly Expand Connections

The ability to rapidly onboard new connections can greatly shorten your time to revenue. With hundreds of preconfigured connections, Cleo provides you with the ability to quickly extend your connected network of customers and trading partners, giving you the power to do more business faster.

Guaranteed High Availability

When your products enable some of the highest-profile businesses out there, downtime is not an option. Cleo’s highly reliable, highly available solutions help you manage system performance, meet critical SLAs and deliver on the promise of 99.999% uptime to your customers.

Cleo has the right financial solution for you

Information Services

Information Services

While information services are foundationally changing the digital business economy, hitting that data-driven milestone is no easy feat. To help your customers facilitate optimal business outcomes they pay for, you require an agile solution with powerful visibility, monitoring, centralized control, and secure access to your data. Starting with the right data at the right time leads to inspired insight across your informational ecosystem. With breakthrough performance and elastic integration, Cleo helps you surpass customer expectations with enhanced flexibility, reliability, security, and intelligence.

Information Services


Cloud/SaaS Providers

When you are a software as a service company, the cloud is a cornerstone of your business. That is why you need a powerful integration engine — a carrier-grade solution suite that connects your cloud ecosystem, and can help you manage extensive heterogeneous dataflows regardless of file size or peak volume. Cleo solutions power your cloud, delivering the performance and maximum uptime you need to agilely adapt to ever-evolving business demands.


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