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To stay successful in the new retail reality and gain a full 360-degree customer view, you need to upgrade your integration capacity. You need to build out your systematic omnichannel data movement capacity, and effectively handle the digital and compliance challenges of expanding your business online. Cleo enterprise solutions provide you with flexible application integration, dynamic data transformation, and API connectivity to evolve your business processes from simple point-to-point transactions to panoramic multi-ecosystem communications. Integrate everything, connect everywhere, and account for all data, big and small.

How Cleo benefits the retail industry:

Inventory Management

When you can connect your business and reliably transfer documents with your suppliers, you’ll be keeping the right products on your shelves. But a dropped file adds systemic inefficiency that can lead to the kind of unnecessary shortage that affects your ability to anticipate and meet customer demand. Whether you operate in a store or online, streamlining real-world logistical processes requires a comprehensive connection, data movement, and transaction visibility capacity. The Cleo Integration suite is a full set of integration solutions designed for business connectivity to optimize inventory management and eliminate inventory inefficiencies.

Speed to Revenue

Whether trading information with financial partners, key suppliers, or logistics providers, the faster your business can add new trading partners, the faster you can facilitate the flow of goods and commerce. Cleo provides hundreds of preconfigured connections, a deep protocol library, and automated mapping tools that accelerate retail growth with rapid onboarding and a shortened time to revenue.

Omnichannel Integration

The bi-directional transactional data flowing to and from in-store points of sale, online, and across mobile platforms is increasing at a phenomenal rate. And whether your business data stays on site or needs to flow to distributed big data storage, you need the ability to rapidly move and seamlessly integrate your data. Cleo provides enterprise integration solutions with metadata enrichment and a robust ingestion capacity, so you can get your data, keep your data, and ultimately execute with data-driven insight.

Cleo has the right retail solution for you

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar

As more and more customers change the way they shop, retailers have to become more agile. You recognize the need to reduce costly inefficiencies in the way you connect your business and anticipate customer demand. So, as traditional models are being broken, the application of data is increasingly forming new pathways to market dominance. Intelligent information is elemental in improving your predictive abilities, but to get there, you need to start with comprehensive integration. Cleo’s data integration solutions for retail not only provide you with advanced visibility over your omnichannel ecosystem, but you gain actionable business insight to positively affect operational and business processes of your supply chain. Regain your competitive edge with dynamic integration, faster action, more powerful logistics outcomes.

Brick and Mortar



In the highly competitive e-commerce space, you have to do everything you can to capture and expand your market share. But when gaining or losing a customer depends on a click of the mouse or a swipe of the finger, any stock outage or system downtime means maintaining real-time visibility and analysis of what you currently sell becomes a challenge. Strengthening your footprint, increasing perception and awareness, and generating consumer demand often comes down to how effectively you integrate enterprise, financial, and customer data. Before you can leverage dynamic pricing, you require dynamic integration. Cleo can help you reduce the time to revenue and optimize processes that elevate your supply chain from production to distribution.


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