Cleo software powers utility companies toward operational efficiency through secure collaboration and improved vendor management

When you need to connect thousands of assets spread over thousands of miles of geography, look to Cleo. Cleo solutions offer easy and secure exchange of critical information while enabling IT governance and compliance with standards such as NERC and CIP.

How Cleo Benefits the Power Generation Industry

High Availability

Cleo solutions offer virtually 100% uptime with high availability configurations that further enable the continuous execution of your business.

Certificate Management

Expired certificates are a thing of the past, with Cleo’s built-in, easy-to-use certificate management function. Smoothly update certificates with overlapping certificates and automatic activation.

Fast and Easy

Cleo products are the fastest to install and easiest to use, with flexible integration options and easy trading partner configuration.

The Right Messaging Solution for Human Connections

When important messages need to be sent to your power crews, third-party service providers, and customers regarding such things as power outages and maintenance repairs, look to Cleo Streem for your interactive voice and text messaging needs.

With Cleo Streem you also can interact with thousands of contacts through voice messaging, text messaging (SMS text), email, and other communication channels to provide notifications, alerts, and other critical information.

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